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  • Nej, egentlig ikke hvis det er fyret på den lille ø der ligger mellem Fyn og Sjælland.
  • That's correct. Over to GL then. Oh wait... I give up. Anyone?
  • Good luck with this one.
  • Could that be on top of the Guinness Brewery building complex in Dublin?
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    Turn it into a whole series with different objects, make large gallery prints and imagine that on a large museum wall. Could be all the rage on the Venice Biennial. You never know.
  • Convenient inventions seem to make our lives increasingly difficult.
  • I think I'll have a pinot noir to go with the roasted duck then.
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    Luckily, we don't have to like everything that may be called art by some and not so by others. I have seen plenty of art in my life that I truly hated. :)
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    Some artists that work with photography do exactly that in an attempt to depict reality as it is and not as a choice of their own. Using a camera dangling from their hips and automatically taking ...
  • Yes! That's the one. The citadel in the city of Jülich, 26 km West of Cologne, designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Pasqualino to withstand the increasingly common use of artillery in ...
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    Yes, a citadel is what you need to look for, but not in Wesel. Here is a groundplan:
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    Though I'm almost certain that Max (again) knows the correct answer it is time for another clue: We are in a city where 97% of the buildings have been destroyed in WW II. This expansive building, ...
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    As someone who has been working in a museum of contemporary art for a long time I can tell you that there is no commonly accepted definition of what art is. Philosophers have been debating this ...
  • There is a museum, but most of the space is used for a different though also educational purpose.
  • Yes, I'm looking west and there is a footbridge about 30 feet above me.
  • Ummm, maybe this one... Where am I standing here? Google Lens does not seem to know.
  • I see... I have to admit that I found the house by simply typing in "orange houses denmark" because the sign in the lower right is Danish and your nick suggests you are from there. Then google ...
  • Not the canoe and kayak rent & repair shop? In business since 1896?
  • Covering the complete scale of E flat major, it seems.
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    Well, again, you do know what I'm referring to, but you don't want to turn it into a definite answer in order to give other members a chance, right? I could say look at the type of hydrant, make an ...
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