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On article Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8 FE sample gallery and impressions (157 comments in total)

If you're spending £/$/'000s on a camera why buy this?...

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I have been rather dismissive of the premium lenses, figuring the ones I have are perfectly adequate, then got the 8-18mm largely for the UWA. Then I saw the improvement in image quality so now a convert. Nice one Panasonic - I now have a real sense of lacking now...

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9: What you need to know (211 comments in total)
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GreatOceanSoftware: I wish manufacturers would realize the need and environmentally seal cameras as a standard feature. Every camera will eventually get into a situation where it’s needed. It’s not really money saved after it’s too late.

Maybe I'm from a different generation but if I am out and about in the rain, coast. etc. I am very careful and yes I've ruined cameras by being lazy or stupid, and there are weather sealed products, just buy one of those. Cameras and electronic product are really quite low cost now as a proportion of wages, so when I dropped a lens, hey ho buy another, the memories are worth much more.

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I am on my 2nd LX2, whilst working for 6-months in Shanghai I left the 1st one in a taxi having backed up all the photos earlier that day (phew!). I went next day to buy another which I still use. Note, keep the taxi receipt as the honesty of the Chinese I met was amazing, wallets with cards & cash returned untouched etc. My first proper digital camera and at ISO100 gives very presentable results - so most of the time just used the self timer and a chair, wall or table etc. with longer exposure. My colleagues thought I was with some secret service 'cos it was with me everywhere! Its hard to believe its 10-years old & still working fine.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 first impressions (378 comments in total)

This camera's size seems to crop up a lot - I checked this out and its smaller that the Olympus E1 (a while ago I understand) but that wasn't seen as so problematic, so I think peoples perceptions must have changed - its no GF7 nor is it mean to be. I think it is a fine camera with amazing capabilities but not for me, and there are alternatives out there too.

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aris14: A fine lens is a fine lens and fine things cost a lot...
Although I feel that an M43 system has to cost no more than the two thirds of an equal FF system.

The cost of a typical product is: parts, labour, overheads and margin, so the cost of the parts whether small or large is roughly the same, hence the lack of difference - a FF Body will be just a difficult to make as a M43, if anything, the smaller one is harder.

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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)

I am bemused; what did they use to redesign it, etch-a-sketch? Does this not diminish the kudo of the brand, I have had ancient 35mm slides scanned from a Rollie B35 outgun these images and they are <1mpx...

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Olivier GALLEN: Suggestion: could you please lower the music level a bit (for your next videos)? It would balance better with the voice level and make a more pleasing video overall.
PS: thanks for this first look itself, of course.
PS2: I mention it because I noticed the same issue on many of your previous videos as well.

This is such a common problem on TV or in public places: especially shops as well, so annoying - is there no sanctuary? SMH

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (147 comments in total)
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Correction man: It's a shame hassy and Fuji dint use a common lens system after all they are both made by Fuji

it says handmade in Sweden on the top - sorry to be so pedantic...

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Seems a shame to dispose of your heritage for not a lot of money... wonder what the motivation is, can't be for the money.

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kpaddler: phfft, you call that a "super telephoto"....

This is a super telephoto

Bet someone clicks on had it button!

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (473 comments in total)

Sounds like from the brief description above it's pretty crippled so I'd be miffed if I thought it had typical camera Wi-Fi functionality and then found it was at best weak to useless. It's not unreasonable to presume it would have similar: form, fit and function to other cameras in the range - why wouldn't you? It's only through this type of forum you'd find out unless bought from a shop where they may proffer the information.

Regards, David

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1177 comments in total)
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vesa1tahti: I think my Lumix GM1 takes better images.

http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/reviewsamples/photos/3225456/dan-leicaq-20-iso320?inalbum=leica-q-real-world-samples-gallery - download full size

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1177 comments in total)
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vesa1tahti: I think my Lumix GM1 takes better images.

Image Dan-LeicaQ-20-ISO320 is not exactly brilliant quality with some speckles in the jeans - I don't understand...

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On article Hands-on with new Olympus PRO 8mm and 7-14mm lenses (296 comments in total)
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NZ Scott: The new ultrawide weighs 550g.

To put this in perspective, the Panasonic 7-14 f/4 is 300g and Nikon's full-frame 14-24 f/2.8 is 1000g.

I'm going to stick with the smaller, lighter and cheaper Panasonic, which is already razor sharp (although not weather-sealed like the M. Zuiko, and useable only on a Panasonic body because of purple fringing and purple flare).

Still, Olympus's three professional zooms look great.

On the sample Olympus image with the Concorde nose - there seems (IMHO) more distortion @7mm than the Lumix one and that is now about £500 - seems quite attractive even though it's only F4, I can live with that.

Link | Posted on May 12, 2015 at 11:21 UTC
On article Canon EOS 5DS R added to studio test scene comparison (503 comments in total)
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Greg VdB: Recommendation for pixel peepers: put it on "print size" and investigate how much difference you really see with your preferred camera... Personally, I'm quite comfortable in the comparison to my feeble Eos 70D, especially since I realize they are entirely different tools for different needs.

That said... Let the pixel peeping war commence!

I too for a laugh did that - I was really quite impressed with the quality of my humble toy, so does that mean pixel vs pixel across the brands the difference is quite (in relative terms) small?

Link | Posted on May 6, 2015 at 14:10 UTC

so ronry...

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spqr_ca: I think we can now, officially, lay to rest the idea that Nikon or Pentax, or any of the others, are particularly unique when it comes to issues like this. On the upside, this will now save you from having to apply the "polka dot Instagram filter" in Photoshop...

Re: Japanese quality isn't what it used to be.
It's a bit sweeping and lacks rigor, most manufacturing is done in China as labour costs are lower and often by well educated people thus we get cheaper products, nobody minds that. The products are getting ever more complex and so manufacturing yields have to be amazing to have a product leave a factory defect free, so inevitably there will be outgoing defects on a few products. I am ambivalent about China & Japan, but since the 70s product quality is much, much better. Most outgoing defects are random - in this case it could be batch related, and I suspect Canon do not normally look for this defect as it simply has not been anticipated. I suspect they will now & be looking across all suppliers for sensors just-in-case

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ravduc: Just rub a bit of Vaseline on an old filter and save yourself 500 dollars.

I was playing with the art effects in my GM1 - quite similar to this and I got a camera included for $500.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (372 comments in total)


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