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On article Fujifilm X-T200 review (410 comments in total)
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forest dream: X-T100 LCD flip + tilt screen is better.

Actually the new lcd is better quality, better touch response and bigger, the x-t100 did have nice functionality :)

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 sample gallery (DPReview TV) (27 comments in total)

This time I am downloading the raws and running them through C1 to see if anything is actually better!

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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R0ll0: I have a big dilemma. I sold my old canon gear (EOS 60D with 4 EF/EF-S lens) for peanuts, because I wanted to switch to the X-T4. I tried the XT-2 already before and I really liked it, but I am totally confused now, because there are so many opposite opinions everywhere on the web... My plan was to buy the X-T4 with the 35mm 1.4 lens whatever it costs and thereafter some other lens too. (APSC 35mm was always my favourite focal length). But now, after the release I am seriously thinking about, that I'll by the X-T3 instead with a second lens. The difference between the two cameras are around 500€, so I could get the 23mm 1,4 too for the same price. I'm an enthousiast and I'm not really looking always up for the newest gear, but on the other side the X-T4 has IBIS (which is a really big difference I think) and a way better battery. So my question is:
If you were in my place, what would you buy? The X-T4 or the XT-3 with more lens?

Look at the samples, both jpg and raw and make a decision if the iq is acceptable to you?
The 35 1.4 is an original Fuji lens, very nice optically most of the time but very slow af too and a bit of a clunky old motor
The new 35 f2's, xf and xc(without aperture ring) are substantially faster along with the Viltrox 33 1.4 which I've never tested.
Honestly, I would avoid xtrans its a rabbit hole and you'll never make sense of it. I tested at length the x-t3 against my x-t200 and same conclusion, bayer is better, always!
You could go x-t200 with the viltrox or even the 35 1.4 it's af performance is somewhere between the x-t2 and the x-t3 but with far far superior eye and face detection, I haven't tested the x-t4 but I suspect it will be similar to the x-t3.
Your other option is Nikon z6, for the same money you get everything the Fuji can do and more dr/subject isolation, the z6 and the 50 1.8 is probably the best mirror less combo out there alongside the z7, but the z6 has better tracking!

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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UncoyDP: No advance on stills image quality since the X-T2/X-H1. Flip-out screen is a nice add for video.

APS-C/MFT continue to flail in the face of well-turned out full frame mirrorless cameras (Nikon Z6, Sony A7 III; Panasonic S1 is too big, Canon EOS-R interface is too weird and EOS-RP picture quality crippled). The real APS-C killers are the Z6 and A7 III). APS-C was at its sweet spot at 16MP with reasonable ambitions of image quality. It's not Fuji's fault, it's optics and physics.

There will be no advance until they stop with xtrans and move to standard bayer as per x-t200!

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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NickyB66: I have a 5 year old X-Pro2 with around 5 X series primes and love the camera. I was thinking of buying the XT-4. But I think for me its time to go full frame and high res so I can crop within sacrificing too much in the way of resolution. Nikon Z7 and some Z series primes on my list now.

If Panasonic was to release a compact version of it's FF with 48mp bundled with that new 20-60, providing it is decent, Panasonic would really move in on FF mirrorless, 4k60p, 48mp stills and a very versatile wide/short tele. Some of the L series primes from Sigma are reasonably compact and extremely good image quality too and all excellent value.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-T4 sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)
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cxsparc: Hmm, but for a telezoom lens at 450 €, stopping down at the short end to f5 should already deliver acceptable results.

55-200 is a very good lens, especially at the short end, just look at the image resource lab test! At f5 it's exemplary, its not a cheap lens, its over £600 in the UK and worth every penny. There is something seriously wrong with this camera/ibis/xtrans, who knows!

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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doragon: I've processed first RAW in Darktable and the result have no worms, unlike the image here.
Yes, Adobe produces bad quality images out of RAF and DPreview continues using it, we just have to deal with the choice.
Its fourth generation of of X-T and people are still complaining for no reason.
If you insist on using bad tool for the job then address your complaints to Adobe to provide the proper support for your hardware, or simply don't buy the camera.

I am sure you enjoy darktable, but lets be honest, it's not mainstream and never will be! Dpr use Lr(acr) because along with C1 these are the two most well regarded and respected raw converters available. Yes there are others, dxo/spix/exposure etc but these are by far the two established standards!
Why not post the result somewhere so we can see how much of an improvement there is anyway?

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery (145 comments in total)

The landscape images are looking particularly low in detail, even for xtrans? Right from the off the first landscape image is displaying a high level of "worms". I am openly very critical of xtrans but this surely demonstrates the issue in all its glory. I am sure C1 20 will improve on these quite a bit but the fact remains, why Fuji, why? Surely it's time with 26mp resolution to offer standard bayer array and make the xtrans array filtering switchable, then everyone would be happy!
There are other issues which look uncharacteristic for the lenses used too, I wonder if this version of ibis is having some other effect too. All in all I think I'm sticking with ois and avoiding ibis all together!

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-T4 sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)

I am no fan of xtrans, and this first landscape image hopefully makes it clear and obvious why!

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Toni Salmonelli: This would be the perfect travel lens for me if I would be in L-mount. Great range going down to 20 mm. I would gladly sacrifice some mm on the long end of my personal travel zoom (Fuji 18-55) to get down to 20mm in the wide end.

No offence but the little 15-45 for Fuji is a diamond too for travel and general photography. At 15mm, 22.5 it’s actually in the same spirit as this new lens if a little plastic. What I don’t get is that Fuji has the capability to make a very good 15-45, 2.8-4 and weather sealed, they should go ahead and make it and phase out the 18-55!

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kty: Two of Panasonic's major issues with their lens line-up was (and mostly still is) size and price. Those are big problems especially for newcomers. Now, this small lens offers a very attractive focal range for little money. It will definitely draw new users into the system.
They should now complement this with cheap but optically good lenses like a 60-XX tele zoom and 1.8/2.8 primes for 20, 35, 50, 85 and 135.

The Sigma 45 2.8 is interesting compact prime!

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JE River: This is a great zoom range for someone who wants a single lens for some general backpacking landscape photos, and who is also proficient in stitching panoramas. With 20mm, one can get a wider-than-14mm image in just several shots. And 60mm is plenty long for many shots when wanting a little reach. When I backpacked with a 70-200, I found the lens was stuck at 70mm most of the time it was used. Add in a high-MP sensor and that 60mm on the long end can get pushed a bit with cropping.

On top of that, the weight is very impressive! Now if there was a super-compact FF body to mount it to... :)

Panasonic needs to take the Sigma fp, add an evf better stills ibis and the 48mp sensor and bundle this lens for 1500!
Add the Sigma 45 2.8 and hopefully a new slow compact tele and you have a great kit!

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Hubertus Bigend: This is one of the most interesting lenses for full-frame mirrorless (or for any full-frame mount) I've seen so far. I don't know how many of me there are out there, but for me 20mm is wide enough, and this lens makes a "double-zoom kit" possible that goes from 20 to 200mm (or more).

Which is the same thing I keep saying about the Panasonic Leica 10-25/1.7 for Micro Four Thirds. Which unfortunately is not only faster, but also much bigger, heavier and 2.5 times as expensive.


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DtBB: Interesting release indeed!!!

It is a VERY useful range although it leaves something to be desired on the APERTURE side.

It is a GOOD idea for Pana to CONCENTRATE on their Full-Frame mount. With mFT sliding even MORE downhill in terms of marketshare and Oly not pulling its own WEIGHT it is a wise decision.

Keep it up Pana. Maybe one day I come back to the system. LOOOL!!!

Not if you shoot m43 or aps it is adequate and the range absolutely brilliant! Unfortunately Panasonic need a compact body too, if they can make it and bundle it with this and a new compact 35/85 f2 people will switch!

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JackM: Almost as weird as Pentax lenses!

Pentax is dead, Panasonic just released something that no other manufacturer has ever released afaik. Their current ff bodies are too big if they can make a compact rangefinder body with a 48mp sensor people will go for it, we are all just waiting for Panasonic to make it!

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Mark3794: Beautiful lens, i really like the range, the fact that it goes until 20mm makes it perfect for landscapes and it's really cheap

Yes, a very exciting release, an equally small body and 60-180 would be killer!

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What an exciting lens range at an affordable price! Too bad they couldn’t of pushed for 2.8-4 all they need now is a compact rangefinder shape body like the gx8 with 48mp and around 1,500 with lens and a new compact 35 and 85 and they will find a huge new fan base!

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Actually the Tx1 is a design icon, it was quite an incredible little camera at the time and a built like a Swiss instrument, very cool!
Design is very relevant in a lot of these and very lacking in a lot of what we see in today’s camera designs, Nikon/Canon in particular, however, I think I’d of put x-pro3 lcd at the top of my list, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong!

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On article Fujifilm X-T200 review (410 comments in total)
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pro photo 2011: @ Jeff Keller, DPR

You mentioned that the joystick is too small and not well-placed.

What would be the ideal size and placement?

I do not find it difficult or inconvenient to use.

Surprisingly I have the x-t3 and x-t200 in hand and the x-t200 joystick seems every bit as good. No doubting, the x-t3 is a better body, size and buttons/dials/features/weather/sd etc but the x-t200 has the better image quality, go figure, what is Fuji thinking!

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On article Fujifilm X-A7 review (268 comments in total)
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flip 21: Good video doesn't go along with terrible audio... I don't understand what Fuji had in mind, when they came up with these crazy audio preamps. Do they even still fabricate low quality audi pre-amps such as these ones?!?!?

Flip 21, I only have x-t200 sorry, I don't know about the x-a7 except I thought the only difference was a slightly different layout and the lack of evf, be surprised if the x-t200 pre-amps are different. Everyday D seems happy enough at the quality.

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