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philo123: Just heard Canon have announced the 8d!!! 80MP sensor. It will be the best camera ever because of that. Amazing Stuff!

Don't tell me....chipset by Sony...LOL

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lensberg: Nikon claims that this 24.2 MP sensor produces image sizes of 6016 x 4000 ... by comparison Sony's 24.3 MP sensor only produces images of 6000 x 4000 ... ?! Someone is lying... and i bet its Nikon...

Nikon's D3100 sensor was a total write off... in practice inferior to Sony's 14 MP sensor found in the NEX 5. If indeed Nikon has designed & fabricated the chip from scratch without Sony's expertise... quite honestly i wouldn't expect great things out of it...

Mediocre ISO performance... average dynamic range... colour saturation that would be questionable... levels of sharpness that err on the side of blur... video that will lack the crispness & clarity you'd get with a Canon... and "continous AF" during video capture thats just a gimmick and nothing more... well thats precisely what $699.95 will get you...

Instead of blabbing with speculation...have a look at some of the images being released by users....look at some of the you tube vids...and you might change your mind.

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topstuff: It's quite obvious that the sensor is Sony. To suggest otherwise is nonsense. It is totally illogical to imagine any other scenario, especially given the fact that Nikon have used Sony made sensors in the past.

But that is not the whole picture. Nikon will have their own processor and supporting tech architecture plumbed into the sensor. As a result, I think we can expect excellent IQ.

Nikon have already demonstrated with the D800 that they can make high MP sensors produce decent noise performance. The D800 is way too close to the 5D3 in noise performance than it should be considering it has 60% more pixels. The difference is not large. This means that the extra MP comes with little sacrifice in terms of noise.

Expect the cheap little D3200 to perform the same trick? Probably.

Well done Nikon.

Now over to you, Canon. What ya got ???

So what? What is the point you are trying to make?
GM buys parts from KIA, they buy tires from Goodyear...
Every manufacturer buys components from even their competitors...no one can do all things well and also remain competitive...These smaller vendors are the lifeblood of our economy and are the main reason we still have some employment opportunities...back a few years ago when we let our manufacturing base move offshore...we thought we could make it as a 'service society'...then along comes cheap labor in China and India...and then poof went the service base offshore as well....

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Der Steppenwolf: Right thing to do now is to release a firmware update for D7000 that will enable use of same WU-1a unit. And YES, a simple firmware would alow use of this adapter on any of Nikons miniUSB equiped DSLR's.
But something tells me that Nikon will only make it work with new 7*00 and/or with 5*00

It's called marketing...backward compatability doesn't sell cameras...LOL

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Douglas F Watt: Troubling that ideology trumps observation here too often. Although rants about the 'megapixel war' are most popular posts ("24MP for entry level camera is absurd" is highest rated comment), these unfortunately don't square with the scientific and technical story of DP over last 10 years - which is that sensor (and to a lesser extent software) evolution have allowed cameras to have both higher resolution and better low light performance simultaneously. Although at any given point in time, higher pixel density sensors generally have poorer low light performance than lower density ones, there is wide spectrum of performance on this (witness LL performance of latest m4/3 sensor in the new Olympus ILC). More importantly, over time, newer (higher resolution) sensors have at least equaled, if not exceeded, the low light performance of the older generation systems. Witness the surprising low light ability of the D800 sensor, which is remarkably close to LL performance of D3 sensor.

Hey Petessake....5-years? Really?
3-years is a 'Lifetime' in photo or electronic technology...Hell, in 5-years we may have digital photo chips implanted in our foreheads, with a USB connector in our ear....LOL

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conphi65: DPREview, when giving specifications for video, give us the PAL equivalents as well please?

audijam....In your dreams....LOL
Cannon makes prety good copiers....
Sony makes pretty good TV's....
However look at most of the real photographers, the guys on the front lines of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and foreign correspondents the world over....look at their equipment...especially those scuffed-up and scarred SLR's and tell me how many are Nikons...LOL

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forpetessake: Nikon is making this camera for whom exactly? It's an entry-level camera, which can appeal only to upgrading point-and-shooters, or those with similar older DSLRs. But for those people there are much better options nowadays: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304444604577342094118995830.html

I am the target buyer for this camera....
Upgrading from a D70 with a bag full of Nikon lenses already..

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