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Sometimes I click on an article just to read the comments, because I'm interested to see what people think about a new product or anything. Banishing the comments would make a website indeed a lot less interesting.

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ack231: I guess that is Adobe's way of squeezing more money of of those folks who *need* Photoshop, presumably to make up for the majority of uses for whom PS was good enough several versions ago.

It's certainly true that I am using PS less and less. And at least for a few more years (until I run into, say, O/S issues), I can keep using my old CS5 version. Yes, it won't be quite compatible with new (I guess Lightroom-only) versions of ACR, but in the (hopefully) few cases where I need PS, I can just render to TIFF from Lightroom. Of course, at that point, Lightroom/PS integration becomes a lot klunkier, which does remove one major advantage Lightroom had over Apple's Aperture.

Well, for now, I'll just sit back and wait; this won't affect me for years. But during those years, I'll certainly be giving the competition another look. If there are more customers like me, Adobe have just shot themselves in the foot, as this will affect their other product lines, too. Dumb. Bad taste in mouth.

Well, for the price of Photoshop CS6, you can subscribe to Photoshop CC for 35 months, which I find quite reasonable. For companies that *need* Photoshop, it'll be a lot cheaper as they usually buy the newest version of Photoshop every year.

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Joel Pimenta: One body and 3 lenses, 25000? Not expesive (for Leica), incluides a 10000 50/0.95...

The extra 25000 for a "limited" serie, now thats expensive!

I think it's 25 000 for the camera and 50 000 for the kit with the three lensens :)

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kuklukklak: Hahaha, poor Nikon folks, they must force themselves to "see" the D4 images any better than D3s at Jpeg and equal at raw.

The D3s is still the low light king honey. We'll see how 5D3 and 1Dx jump in.

It depends on how you look at it. If you look at noise itself, the D3s is as good as the D4. But if you look at contrast, then the D4 wins. Higher ISO changes two things: noise but also contrast. So I see this as a good result for the D4.

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This looks like you're buying the K-5 only and it has a weird body cap on it. Soooo small lens, it's funny to see it :)

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Pavlo Boiko: Thank You, Amadou.
But seems like you always ignore "one third" principle. Why?

because not every photo has to use the "one third" principle. It's just that most photos look better if you don't center the object, but there are also many photos that look better if you don't use this principle.

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