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Some skies have terrible whitebalance ... and you cannot adjust whitebalance on the skies ...

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Andrew Elliott: DPReview - better check you have permission to show these pics!

"Another photo illustration Karcz shared on his 500px account. Used with permission."

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meshtli: What about reliability ??? Will it lock up frequently as any other fuji camera? Will it travel into service as often as previous ones?
Fuji QA is bad.. really bad...

Obviously too early to tell!

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Aroart: Only 2 cameras worth buying $1500- 2000, this and Sony a73.... Check out Tony Northropes new video on color science.. beware Canon and Nikon scored horribly in a 1500 blind survey... Sony and Fuji were on top...

Why do you shoot JPEG?

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fft2000: Am I the only one who thinks that the first two photos are not focused correctly?
#1 has focus on the ears (or at least behind the eyes/nose/mouth) and #2 has focus on the persons right eye, that is further away and in shadow. You can still see details, but as this article is about the AF in the GX9 I think it should have been focused better.


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(unknown member): Why not taking a real video instead using a software producing that ridiculous result?

What to do when you think ... I should have taken a video ...

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Bozze: Have done some testing on the Nik Collection 2018 by DxO trial and can't see any difference from the Google version ... doesn't seem like an upgrade and the Google version is gone!

What I said was ... DXO version overwrite the Google version!!! I still have the Google installation file ... of course!

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Have done some testing on the Nik Collection 2018 by DxO trial and can't see any difference from the Google version ... doesn't seem like an upgrade and the Google version is gone!

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sknai16: I never watch a video that pretends to tell me how useless I am. Life can teach you that anyway, if it is true and if you are somewhat aware of your surroundings. I generally don't like people who pretend to teach me something I have not asked to learn.

How do you know what the video tells if you haven't seen it?

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Akgbkd: Wow...those low light shots are as good as my smartphone.....

Please show us!

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Is image 9 really "processed to taste" ???

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Lan: Anonymous prizes? I hope that doesn't mean a handful of Hasselblad Lunars they had rotting in a cupboard somewhere ;)

Lunars are not medium format!!!

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sh10453: "This is less the story of a editor professing his favorite piece of gear from the year, ..."
Since this is the case, I think the title "Gear of the year" is totally misleading.
The title is what grabbed my attention, and brought me to the article.

I think it is impossible for an owner of a camera to be an impartial reviewer of the camera, it's normal human being behavior, and it is far from appropriate to declare his own camera as gear of the year! The article sounds far more personal and sentimental than professional journalism, IMHO.

I have nothing against the camera at all. But I think the title for this article should have been "Opinion, The Nikon D750"; then I'd have no issue with that.

The title is "DPReview Gear of the Year Part 1: Dan's choice ..." Bescause of the last part "Dan's choice" it's ok to me!

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Holger Salvador: 3 years ago I had the chance to compare the Leica D-LUX 5 with wit its PANASONIC sister. I couldn't understand why the price is so diffrent. The hardware is the same but the diffrence is the software, inside the camera and the programme you get for your computer (in this case Phase 1). You can make better pics with the Leica by shoting raw than with the PANASONIC. So you hade a better garantie (3 years), a much more better programm for computer and the better pics and the 3 dot was for free.
I would not buy this camera, but bredfore anybody scream take a second look!

This camera doesn't shoot raw!

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