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On article Just Posted: Canon G1 X studio test samples (171 comments in total)

Ummm...why were the images taken down? The are not listed on the studio test sample drop-down anymore. Did Canon step in and force a retraction of the images?

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This is bulls**t. The funny part is that (except for the yellow line on the side) Canon's P&S cameras have a color-isolate option in-camera. So now you can't take photos of red buses with a Canon P&S with the isolate tuned to red?? Total crap ruling. I understand there is hisory between the two "artists" that likely played a role, but this is a total misinterpretation of what Copyright law is intedended to do. If Ansel Adams was still alive, he could sue every twit that has taken a photo of the snake river from the same spot he took it?? Makes no sense, IYAM.

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$400 and NO AF?? Yeah, uh, no...

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"...focusing is possible between 8 and 20 inches for close-up shooting with a maximum image magnification of 0.72X (35mm camera equivalent)..."

The author of this news piece ought to know that image magnification is independent of crop factor.

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PhotoArtKC: Apple dropped the ball for a change... The iPhone 4S is too little too late. Everyone has 8mp phones, dual cores and LARGER screens these days. Most of those even work on a 4G network! Really Apple, think about it for a second...

The Galaxy S2 also has a weak GPU (mali 400MP) that performs WORSE than the tegra2, while the SGX543MP2 in the iPhone 4s should deliver between 3x-4x the performance of the tegra2 --- IOW, the Galaxy graphics engine is WAY behind the iPhone 4s' engine. It's also doubtful that the clock speed of the iPhone 4s will be lower than the iPad 2. The benefit of the A5 architecture is its ability to alter clock speed in response to work load and electrical power availability. It is more likely that it will be down-clocked some while on battery and up-clocked while on-the-grid. Thermal dissapation design of the phone will dictate the maximum clock more than anything.

Saying a larger, lower-res screen is a plus is nonsense. Go watch TV on an old 65" projector POS and sell your HDTV if you believe that nonsense.

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