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On article Dell's 8K monitor goes on sale in March for $5000 (217 comments in total)
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Azimuth46: Lightroom is waaaay too slow with my two monitors (4k and 2K respectively) even if I use a AMD RX480 with 8GB VRAM... I don't want to know how terrible it could be editing photos on a 8K... forget it!

Then ditch the bottleneck, Lightroom!

Link | Posted on Apr 29, 2017 at 21:41 UTC

I would like some more area to spread the pixels on, and I think Eizo and Dell alternatives to this are way to expensive. Can I opt for a TV in stead and get good calibrated image quality for still images? Could LG Oled do the job?

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On article 2017 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras (351 comments in total)
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I compare DP 2 Q with
- Pentax 645 (medium format)
- Leica Q (full frame, editor's choice)
- RX1R ii (full frame, editor's choice)

Both resolution and color fidelity.

Seem like DPR staff do NOT care about the IQ anymore.

Speaking of low ISO landscape shots, I just added Pentax K-1 with pixel shift to the comparison. It seems to outresolve even its own 51 Mp big brother, not to mention both DP2 Quattro and Q typ 116.

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Nojo: Seems to me that this is less about phone cameras than it is about post processing. If you do this for any camera with a larger sensor than the one in a phone the results will be exponentially better.

Agree, but its annoying that the credit is given to the device, not the trick it self.

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chshooter: Well, this shows the direction photography is heading towards. With the increase of processing power, sensor technology and software, computational photography will overcame many of the physical limitations of smartphone​ cameras. If the phone automates the post processing to a convenient extent and delivers good results, who care whether the pic was taken on a phone or DSLR.

Software tricks just overcome software limitations, not physical limitations or hardware limitations. For phones that means still no zoom, noisy high ISO, very long exposures to get acceptable noise levels and so on.

Increasing exposure times to reduce noise is an old trick - very old. Even exposure stacking are old.

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On article Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review (165 comments in total)
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falconeyes: This kind of devices, like Ricoh Theta, belongs to China. Look at the YI VR 360. They can do it better and cheaper. The quality from YI (5.7k) may even be a tad better than toy level.

The future for Nikon (besides the obvious mirrorless pro) if they really want to diversify, is in high quality, yet affordable tools for new application areas. E.g., for stereoscopic (3D) VR in 8k quality w/o the need for a $16000 17 camera setup. But this would require strengths in software Nikon does not have. So, better just confine yourself on your core competence and don't loose the professional event pro market to Sony.

The YI VR 360 is not cheaper then current Theta S. Its actually 50$ more expensive. But its not available yet. Its just for preorder with a promised june delivery date. Ricoh have already shown a Theta S replacement with 4K resolution, that will compete with the YI 360 when both becomes available.

The software of the YI is yet to be tested. Ricoh already proved that they can make good 360 software.

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On article Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review (165 comments in total)
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Nick Brundle - Photography: They should concentrate on making quality cameras and lenses, instead of wasting time on these gimmicks

360 cameras are a great niche. Keymission is just a horrible premature product, failing to take market share in this niche.

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OlyPent: Time to panic, FF equivalency police! That is fast for medium.

Still, why should they panic? FF equivalency is not about FF superiority - its about a common ground comparison basis.

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Dr_Jon: The big thing with the Thetas over some competitors is the real-time stitching, some others need that done afterwards, which is a pain. Looking forward to seeing this (and how it compares to the new GoPro 360 camera).

@Dr_Jon: What GoPro 360? You can't compare to something that doesn't exist. Ricoh Theta is the benchmark for 360 videos. All newcomers compare to that.

@jnd: The LG 360 cam is 2K-ish (2560x1280) so far. Samsung 360 VR is 4K-ish (3840x1920), but the software on the Samsung are very unstable. I dont know how the software on the LG are, but I do believe the Ricoh software are superior.

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MikeFairbanks: I'm curious about what 4k means in 360 spherical. Normally we are viewing a rectangle, so we have a length and width that, when multiplied, comes out to roughly 4k.

But if 4k is spread out over an entire sphere, won't it be thinned out and pixelated anyway?

4K (I assume 3840x2160) are the recorded pixels. The viewed pixels depend on how wide your viewing field is.

The current models offer 2K (2 Mp) recorded, and that leaves few pixels for viewing. Thats why the upgrade to 4K (8 Mp) recorded is so important.

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (262 comments in total)
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Sacred: This D7500 articles are annoying. D7500 this, D7500 that. Got more publicity than D5 and D500 combined.

You got a point Sacred, and yorglaa missed it completely.

How many articles do we need on a single camera? What is your personal limit between interesting and annoying?

There are much less camera announcements now, compared to a few years ago due to decline in sales. Less to write about. To keep up the pace of articles they write more about each product. I'm not a fan of fluffy fill articles. I would rather have a single good article a week then 100 fill stuffs to keep up a pace that isn't there. Its just annoying to scroll past all the articles that doesn't really add anything. And its harder to find something worthy of a good read.

Edit: I'm not a fan of computer or phone articles here ether. If I want to read about phones I go to websites specialized in phone journalism. When I go to DPR I want to read about cameras and lenses. I'm sorry for what that means for ad income, but I think DPR are hurting them selves by watering out what DPR was.

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Nice and good with 4K and large sensors, but with a price tag 50 times higher then the Theta S, I will rather be patient and wait for a 4K 60p upgrade of the Theta.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2017 at 13:10 UTC as 4th comment
On article Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Pentax 645Z vs Hasselblad X1D (340 comments in total)
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NemanRa: 645Z full review, please!

I did like your post, but its kind of late 3 years after launch. I would rather hope Pentax releases a successor and that it gets its deserved full review within a reasonable time.

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SimenO1: SI standard measures please!

I'm sorry to hear you live in the last country in the world that uses body parts for measuring and have a nightmare of conversion factors. Luckily 96% of the world population are past the stage of ancient units and have agreed upon a much easier system, the System Internationale. As Dpreview writes for an international audience, I hope they will use units that are easily understandable for 96% of us. Maybe more, as metric units are slowly taking over the last country too. As they say, USA are going metric, inch by inch.

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SI standard measures please!

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wetsleet: "designed to ‘withstand life’s challenges'..."
Um, clearly not. The first challenge is how not to lose the damned lid.

The first challenge is how to open the damn blister pack

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"water down to depths of 98 ft, and pressure/impacts up to 750psi."

- I don't know how long a typical foot are. They certainly vary with age, sex, part of the world and so on. Body parts are not suitable for measurements. That goes for psi too. There are many reasons these units are dead and buried all around the world*. Please translate to understandable SI units.

* Except only one country that accounts for just 4% of the world population. Ignore them.

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DesmondD: Considering the cost of storage space these days and the fact that most people won't see the difference between this app and a jpeg saved at 65% it probably isn't worth the hassle. If someone is supplying images to an important client I'm sure they would rather know the file is 100% than worry about sending 10 gig of images vs 6.5 gig.

@ DesmondD
- If you prefer the same quality, why not choose the smaller file size?
- If you prefer the same file size, why not choose the one with better quality?

I just don't see any drawbacks..

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Nothing new from Nikon, and people complaint that Pentax releases little... lol

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2017 at 13:55 UTC as 77th comment

Contrary to other manufacturers Irix presents price right from the start. thumbup! They also present weight on their home page (contrary to Sigmas new 24-70).

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