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Anyone able to try the Tamron 20mm 2.8 for sony mount attached to a Nikon Z6/Z7 camera through Techart TZE adapter? Does AF and manual focus work? Thanks

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Belgarchi: The bottom line is that the effect of CO2 releases in the atmosphere cannot be tested in a physical lab, due to the scale of the phenomena, and the mind-boggling interactions with thousands of other factors.
Numerical models are the way to go. Except that we have no reliable data more than 150 years ago, very sparse data before satellites (~1970), little to no data about the oceans (satellites since ~40 years do give us the surface temperature, but don't tell us the depth, the streams' depth, speed and direction in 3 D, the temperature at different depths.....). On top of that, the slowness of the fastest computers on Earth (-:) doesn't allow modeling at an adequate scale.
The best we can do is to spend money on data gathering and faster computers.
But please, don't tell us that 'climate change' is a 'settled science', how we should live, take our money through taxes to spend it in stupid ways (electric cars, bio-fuels, solar panels in cloudy areas, etc.

The link between climate change and carbon dioxide emission is clearly demonstrated if one read the latest SCIENTIFIC reports!
It is not necessary to buy something can start to reduce the amount of energy used, the quantity of meat eated, the miles per year driven with a dinosaur car and the water simple as this. If million of people apply it the result will be for sure substantial...just because we can know exactly how BAD could be the future. Think in a new way...less is more. The earth is not made to be a supermarket at disposal of the civilized population.

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