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A problem with this survey is that it requires us to answer some questions that don't apply to us. Like, if I answered that my smartphone has largely replaced my camera, it still forces me to answer the next question of WHY my smartphone CAN'T replace my camera.

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Amnon G: Seems to me like it would make sense to have the LCD super hi-res (e.g. 921,000 pixels) without color filters. It would make it match the sensor and give superior brightness and reviewing ability, losing color only in the menu system which seems a great compromise to make for the benefits.
Having a crappy screen on this camera is inexcusable. Not the right place to save a few $$ and definitely doesn't serve potential customers.

Actually DSLRs aren't made with the intent of shooting with the screen. That's an option on some, but it's less than ideal. Just like a rangefinder, they're made to be shot using the viewfinder, and yet much cheaper DSLRs have much higher resolution screens.

I really do like the Monochrom, but I also really don't think they have an excuse for such a cheap screen.

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mugget: Wow - alot of people completely missing the entire point. Why even bother making comparisons to another camera brand? The fact is the M Monochrom is a rangefinder. NO ONE else makes a digital rangefinder! For people like me who prefer to use a rangefinder (especially digital), there is no other option. Personally, I just don't enjoy using a DSLR anymore, I have no desire to use one ever again.

If you're happy using a DSLR and you can make the images you want, that's great and I'm happy for you! But complaining about the price of Leica makes as much sense as complaining that Lamborghini, Ferrari and other luxury brands are too expensive...

The problem with that is that the Fuji X100 isn't a rangefinder. A lot of people seem to think that rangefinders are defined by an optical viewfinder in the corner. But they're really defined by a barely-noticeable window to the left of the lens (when you're facing the camera) or above the lens in some cases. That's what allows for the rangefinder-exclusive method of focusing.

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On the Specialist cameras chart on the first page, the video capability of the GH2 is shown to be 1080i60 at 17Mbps, but if you're really showing the best video it can offer, shouldn't it be 1080p24 at 24Mbps. Actually, wasn't there a firmware update that brought 1080p30 at 24Mbps? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the GH2's screen isn't OLED.

Overall, this is a very informative guide, though I'd still put the GX1 as a competitor to the 5N in the Intermediate category, but then again I'm not exactly sure as to how you categorize these.

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