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Streetsmart: They don't even have the E-M5 I pre-ordered months ago in stock
But hey it already has a firmware update how great !!!

i already get my preorder camere dude. =.="

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filcon: I must admit, that when I first saw the quality of the jpeg out of this new baby, I was blowen away by the way the noise has been dealt with on this 43 sensor...well done Olympus! However, on closer inspection, the noise fix comes at a price of blurring fine detail. I would feel happy printing a reasonably large print up to 3200 and at 6400 would have to take the print size down.

I see that some are intent on selling their APS-C cameras and going all the way with the E-M5!! That would be a retrograde step of throwing the baby out with the bathwater!! I compared the 3200 jpeg file download from both the E-M5 and the D7000, and the noise was better in the E-M5 than the Nikon, but the detail due to blurring was not up to scratch in the E-M5 file. Note, the D7000 file was not a real issue with noise, it just had a more film like look to it. Be carefull before you make any rash moves and turn a corner you can't retreat from.

Spoken by an old Olympus dog from way back. Love the E-M5

i dont really understand why ppl like to compare for a tiny bit of thing. i believe that no camera can win in every aspect. there is always some reason for choosing a camera and that's already make it a winner.

I've seen many ppl boosting about his camera & lenses because of brand (mainly canon & nikon) but came out with crappy pictures. How about the purpose of your camera? What you use it for and what you want in a camera? For the company pov, what is the market needs? A huge DSLR? guess not.

Im totally ignorant in technical aspect and i dont think that little blur on detail or how clean pic from other camera matter much as i own an Olympus E500 with twin kits lens and a 14-54. I live through the noise and blur details and i learned to value the camera and the photographer skills more than "omg there is some noise". Im not a pro photogs but at least im capable to made a nikon user with his proud lens follow me leeching angle & composition. So system or skills matter?

Regards David

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