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Canon's development and release strategies are tiring. Constantly compromising for fear of self cannibalizing the excessive number of existing models - this reminds me of General Motors prior to bankruptcy. In this case it's a simple opening for an aggressive competitor like Sony to eat their lunch. Canon is not doomed, but they will continue to lose market share until they wake up and start producing better value, fewer models, greater innovation. This from a person locked into the Canon eco-system; just looking for a way to jump ship - A9 may be the way out.

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Canon and the EVF:

It's time...maybe the external EVF is the first step towards this tech showing up in the EOS line. I'm tired of swapping to my NEX7 to shot video while taking primary shots with by 7D (and no, I don't want to run around with those massive Zacuto type adaptors.) My eyes are older and I can't deal with the 7D LCD screen to shoot/compose video - it's time to integrate this into the camera body. The NEX7 makes that simple, and steadier, with it's integrated EVF. CANON - the demographics (and technology) are running away from you. Get on board! And don't bitch about the SUPERIORITY of prism view finders....The EVF overwhelms with ease of use and adaptability. Sony is stealing your thunder - for now I'm grateful for Metabones adaptors to secure my Canon glass on the NEX.

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PetarM: I wouldnt buy first series. Who knows what were condition of production, humidity, parts...flooding is bad for electronics.

Anyway, would wait for few months till buying.

Never buy a monday product, or first series.

Extended Service Plan! I'm on the pre-order list and hopeful it arrives prior to overseas trip (where I don't want to carry my 7D and glass for two weeks). Given the circumstances surrounding early production I will pony up for the service plan as insurance; for early adopters Sony should have provided this to buy some good will. Regardless, I'm excited to get this camera into the field.

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