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For me the single most annoying thing in the whole DPR site is that it has a black background with white text. Anyone who knows anything about basic webdesign knows that this is just not done. It creates too much contrast and is very tiresome on the eyes. So please change that and also change the forum back the way it was.

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Neodp: All this Lightroom BS (been there; done that), is nothing but a marketing play thing, and that is just over-priced, for people who think they are pros, for paying the high prices. Get off, the tiered upgrade wheel of hell. Forget Lr catalog hell. Real editors, of Raw photos, don't care how pretty the interface is, for newbies. It's the output that matters. You can do the same things with completely open software (in MANY choices). A pretty face, will not educate you in the technology of digital photography. You either know; what you are doing, or you don't. Do not look to a closed program, to educate you, or give you editing abilities. Go open, or go home. I'm sorry to break this to you, but not everyone who claims to be a pro, is a pro. Wasting money down the Adobe rabbit hole, will be your regret. You don't need hand holding programs, you need open programs, that have the ability to do any thing you can imagine. Set your color profile in ufraw, or stay with JPEG. Use the Gimp!

I completely agree with you. Ive been using Faststone. It's free, its simple - its blazingly fast compared to LR and it doesnt clutter your HD with a gazillion hidden files and folders.

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