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kierenlon: The surface pro 8 sounds great. I'm more into apple mac but the Surface is much more flexible and upgradable than am ipad. Very tempting for my next upgrade. Great that it has USB-C / thunderbolt for external vGPU, display, and (hopefully) power?

When I got my SP7 the sales rep told me USB-C charging works albeit officially not supported, and Microsoft suggests them not to advertise this feature. Maybe they worry about quality of 3rd party charger? or PD standard is confusing to many? many people simply thinks USB-C is USB-C not aware of the variants and might just plug the SP to a 5W phone charger (a friend asked if she can use phone charger to power her 16" Macbook pro.....)

Probably same to SP8

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Rexgig0: I have a dissenting view. Buttons and dials can be operated by touch, with no need to look at an LCD, for many tasks. One counts the clicks, or remembers the positions that correspond to desired settings. For some functions, the changes appear in the OVF or EVF.

An LCD can be difficult to see, in some lighting conditions.

I do not always want a glowing LCD to betray my presence, or that I am photographing, at night. Sometimes, this is a matter of personal safety, such as documenting social unrest, or social injustice, where both sides may rather not be photographed by a person they do not control.

A Quick Menu is nicely convenient, but is no substitute for physical controls.

Touch-pad control is nice for my iPhones and iPads, but not desirable for my cameras, thanks very much.

These are a few things that came immediately to mind.

E-ink is not good in the dark

illuminate the e-ink? No, its a distraction ( think event in dim venue)

Dials and buttons are good because I can operate them without looking at the camera.

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zzzxtreme: 21.5" is so smallllll
the photo above is misleading
the width is like a size 11 foot

The photo is taken in a Hobbit's house

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Mssimo: Yeah..but does lightroom support it yet?

LR is part of the CC, it just available separately as well.

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IMO the worst thing about Voigtlander lens is their overpriced hood.

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professor4321: By Marty4650 (Feb 18, 2012 at 00:05:11 GMT)

'We already have hundreds of stories of STANDARD SD cards that have survived trips through the clothes washer and dryer. We have heard about cards retrieved from cameras dropped in the ocean that still had all the images intact on them.'

Care to provide some links to these HUNDREDS OF STORIES to back up your statements?
I'd be very interesed to read them!
Or are they just STORIES.

I have cards (CF/SD) survived in washers, this is not just a story.
Never sent any cards to a dryer so I cannot confirm that.

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