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Edmond Leung: Too big and too heavy for a 1" sensor camera.

Monomania. Look it up.

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dansclic: The first model has turned me,off the followers.... I could never get a single shot with decent colors (jpeg) even with other tunings. The colors looked dull , desaturated. The lens is ok but in black and white. Never found the famous zeiss color rendering...

The RAW->JPEG conversion process has far more influence over color rendering than any "famous Zeiss" characteristics .. and a program such as Lightroom will give you whatever look you're going for, (almost) no matter what camera you used for the shot.

If you otherwise liked the RX10, I suggest you try again. :-)

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M Chambers: This is hopefully just a prank. Note that Craigslist has allowed posts of people prostituting out their pets, not for breeding but to PEOPLE!!! (not kidding)

I'm always amazed at the parallels people are capable of drawing .. especially in the service of weak arguments based on weird moralities.

For example, I can't identify anything in common between prostituting out one's pet and commissioning intimate photographs of one's wedding night.

Then again .. I was raised a humanist, not a sinner.

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NowHearThis: I'm a little surprised they haven't gotten calls from every 18-35 single male within a hundred mile radius - maybe there's yet hope for the rising generation...

So the (presumed) resurgence of sexual taboos is a "hopeful" sign?

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Mateus1: "I would like to promise that we will be improving and evolving the E-M1 Mark II"

... and we also promise M1 mk3 for $3000 body...

$1999 is ridiculous price for mk2 compared to what nowdays the competition offer, including X-T2 for $1500 with 50% bigger sensor, smaller size and weight, better IQ, better DR, better high iso, better EVF, better DoF, better bit RAW... same refers to A6500, D500, K-1 or A7mkII that all are much cheaper... even GX-85 for $650 body which has most M1 mk2 features kills it becouse it brings better IQ and 3 primes in the Oly's mad price.

Nobody cares about "50% bigger sensor" .. all that matters re IQ is that the two systems are essentially equal except at the very extremes .. so if extremes are important to you, get APSC or FF or even MF .. not that you'll find a camera as capable in many other ways as the EM1 Mark II .. but since you're so obsessed with IQ in extreme conditions, that should hardly matter.

(Also, this is common knowledge, not a new argument, not something that is usefully brought up in every. single. article. about MFT cameras. Yawn...)

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Aroart: This camera would destroy all compitition if they put an apsc Sony sensor or if Sony made a camera in this format factor with there a6500 sensor...yeah I know, dream on...


Link | Posted on Jan 16, 2017 at 16:25 UTC
On article Close-up: Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 (127 comments in total)
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keepreal: Why on earth buy a MFT camera this size and weight? Crazy.

Hmmm. Dunno. Why don't you ask the large and rapidly increasing number of people using the GH series for video production?

(Or read the answers to one of the other seventy million tediously similar questions asked on DPReview over the last five years...)

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FantasticMrFox: Despite housing only an mFT sensor, the body of this camera is as large, or even larger, than a lot of APS-C DSLRs ...

How interesting.

In the British sense, of course.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1196 comments in total)
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alvareo: I just can't get excited over such a tiny sensor

@alvareo, lol! I agree completely, but come on--what discussion could you possibly have hoped to engender with your contentless post?

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1196 comments in total)
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alvareo: I just can't get excited over such a tiny sensor

@alvareo, I think people are just wondering why you're bothering to share your opinion, if it's so personal and irrelevant to the rest of us, as you claim it should be?

I mean, we all have personal opinions, but most of us realize that their individual expression is not that interesting or relevant to the world at large--particularly when it concerns camera equipment whose value is highly subjective, depending on the user and his/her needs.

So when you reply to an announcement about a camera that a lot of MFT users _are_ excited about with your utterly (utterly!) pointless personal opinion, you're being disingenuous if you expect to be taken as anything less than a provocateur... at the very least.

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QuarryCat: a Olympus E-M1II Killer with the best Viewfinder and 6K photo
and far better ergonomic and better weight (more!) and larger grip with the best accu.

But Panasonic should blow up the sensor - mFT is for many light situations to small - good and clean pictures must be possible with 12.800 ISO.

They should "blow up the sensor" and kill compatibility with every MFT lens?


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Jon Porter: Seems the lens could be smaller and less expensive if it was a straight f/4. I don't see a huge advantage of having f/2.8 at 12mm. Same with my Fuji 18-55mm and Nikon 16-80mm.

Considering the dimensions required for f/4 at 60mm, f/2.8 at 12mm is probably a gimme .. in terms of size, anyway, if not optical formula.

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Mac McCreery: I always bemoaned the lack of image preview on my film cameras. Awful.

Old school snobbery .. check
Implied photographic superiority .. check
Snark before content .. check

Am I on DPReview? .. check

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1383 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: I got caught by the EM5. It did me one favour, forever stopping me generating any enthusiasm for the constant "churn" of the latest, greatest product of the camera industry. That camera has the most abominable ergonomics and general interface design (both firmware and hardware) of almost any consumer electronic device I've ever had the misfortune to own.
It goes on . Olympus managed to destroy the camera (twice) after I asked them to remove the fingerprint from the sensor with which it came.
Every time the latest "must-have" variant emerges I wonder if they've managed to redesign this series of cameras so that they're actually enjoyable to use. The EM5 is almost permanently in some unwanted mode. It's actually amazing that a mal-executed product like that could ever get to market. Actually, on second thoughts, it's not that unusual.

Unenjoyable to use? What fulsome flubbery. If the EM5 was as fatally flawed as you claim, it would hardly be considered the modern classic that it is.

For me, it was the first digital camera I'd picked up that met all my usability expectations: fast in operation, the perfect number of control points, and excellent image quality.

Yeah, sure, the menu system is a bit hairy. But that's nothing.

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Shiranai: Not really better than what's been available freely for years (Image analyzer's wiener filter or fractal interpolation / Smilla enlarger).

And you came to this conclusion based on what? Two sample images?

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2016 at 16:54 UTC
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Alan2dpreview: This is what happens when you give the government too much power. They make more laws that reduce your freedoms.

The power in this case would appear to be the power to enact laws.

Not really sure how much use a government without that power would be...

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Thomas Traub: Sorry Guys, but to fly a drone is much more difficult and much more dangerous than most of you think. And to fly a drone with a camera is an attak in privacy of everyone under the drone.

I drove RC-cars for years before I started to fly RC-airplanes (and beside that, I'm a photograper much more and for 35 years so I'm realy one of you). It seems that it is easy to fly a drone because of the technique inside. But if only one component of the drone does not work anymore it comes down like a stone from the sky - 1, 2 or more kilogramms from 300 meters above you - thanks guys, that's no joke anymore. And nobody can tell me that he flies the drone not over zivilisation, not houses or people. For sure, nobody should do that intentionally, but a small or or not so small wind could move the drone for 10, 50 or more meters

"Attack of privacy"? What privacy in public? Come on...

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deep7: I'm not into endless laws but this is a good one. If your work is legitimate, get a licence. If you're perving, spying, or intruding on people's privacy, hopefully you won't get that licence.

You realize the license you'd need to get is a surveillance license, right?

How many people are even going to be eligible for that?

And you think this is an appropriate law?

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Bas Emmen: I noticed that the unedited footage from Casey Neistat look Crap! @1080p
Just not sharp.

It does look awful, but if you compare this footage to the footage shot in the official release video, it's pretty clear that this guy screwed up his postprocessing / downsampling. The official video footage looks very sharp.

Link | Posted on Sep 28, 2016 at 17:10 UTC
On article DJI goes portable with the Mavic Pro (161 comments in total)
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Nigel Tafferham: If you get the full kit plus goggle + spares you are at $2000.

I think most serious videophiles will want to choose their cam and lens.

Looks nice but lots of alternatives, this just easy but not the best ?

That's kind of a silly comparison -- if you get any drone with all the extras it's obviously going to cost a lot more.

This isn't intended for videophiles, anyway. Isn't that obvious?

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