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On article Time magazine showcases Top 10 photos of 2012 (147 comments in total)
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RedFox88: Keep in mind that some photos in war areas are stagged photos, a photo shoot per say. And DPR's news item of faked photos just this week is another knife in the heart of these types of photos. Good "real" moments now are hard to come by in photos.

Plus poor framing/croping and evident make up

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Edmond Leung: This is not a new concept to Hasselblad.
Hasselblad also worked with Fujifilm before...
Both Hasselblad XPAN (6x9) and Fujifilm TX-1(6x9) are the same camera; and both were manufactured by Fujifilm.
But both were not successful.
Now, Sony NEX 7 and this Lunar... Let's see if they can success.

X-Pan was a 135 - 24x65!(not 6x9), that's true made by Fuji but beautifully designed and had big success between panoramic -photo lovers. Still have&use it. BTW Fuji's XF et c.t. design come very close to that Hassy X-Pan stile. Unfortunately the X-Pan arrived too late on the market just before end of film era. Hassy had never design its lenses too and IMO needs allways some good partners as actually Soni is.

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