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I think it would be a lot of fun, but the $399 is way too high .

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People, we can kick and scream, but it is coming. Soon the few of us with true love for photography will stand in a small group, just like the people who love film photography stand today. Cameras will never go away, but will become the quarky, cumbersome instrument that only a few with deeper knowledge will understand. The new generation does not care too much about quality of anything and so things will change.

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Dont you miss the good old days when disposable cameras cost $18 not $700? But lets face it it is our fault for buying a new camera every year. I got the Sony5N and later that year the NEX7 and was exited to see the NEX6 being released. How stupid! I am determined to keep my gear as is, master it and not "upgrade" any more! And if I hit the movie button by mistake its mostly my fault not necessarely Sony's.

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And could you please also give an IQ test to people before posting their comments?

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I think its a cool looking camera! Nobody forces you people to go out and buy it, so what are you all bitching about? Ther is really no issue here!

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rich889: Sony does make the Sony DT 11-18mm f4.5-5.6 wide-angle zoom Alpha lens that will fit the NEX cameras via their LA-EA2 adapter. Although a costly solution (the LA-EA2 Alpha to NEX adapter is roughly $350) is does provide another route to AF lenses (Sony and Zeiss) on the NEX. The 11-18 becomes the equivalent of a 16.5-27mm zoom.

I agree, the LA-EA2 is costly, but it transforms your good NEX into a great one. I got tired of waiting for the E-mount Zeiss to become available in the stores so I got the AL-EA2 and a 16-80 Zeiss and wow! The focus speed and accuracy even in dark rooms is something. Sure the camea gets bigger but it looks a lot "sexier" as well. You make a very good point. Too many people complain about the lack of quality lenses without even thinking of the possibilities the LA-EA2 opens.

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Found a NEX 5N in an unsold state here in Calgary Canada,( that is a lucky find by the way) could not test filming but did hear a metalic click when holding the camera to my ear and gently tilting it back and forth. The clerk told me there will be no new shipments for the next two months according to the Sony rep. so once they are sold out there will be no more this year. I asked them to put it on hold for me over night.
I than contacted Sony to see what can be done if I was to buy the camera and it did indeed click, where I would send it, how long it would take etc...
They responded to my email very quickly saying no clicking complaints were reported in Canada and I should buy with confidence.
I am sure they will fix it, should it click, but why are they deniying the problem? My gut tels me dont buy and wait till next year.

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It is less than a year ago that Canon has released the SX30! The lens is the same. The big zoom is questionable, I still say as I have said in my user review that the pictures look more like a digital zoom than an optical zoom. Also reading the owner reviews it seems there are two groups of users, lovers and haters, the first celebrating the picture quality and the later stating that pictures are washed out with detail missing. Maybe Canon has a production line problem and 50% of their lenses are faulty? The lenses in the superzooms are such a compromise one should wonder if it is worth it to have such a stretch in a lens.
The auto setting is a nightmare in the SX30, doing basically what ever it wants and now they automated the SX40 even further?!
Any how untill it gets professinoally tested and compared to other super zooms here at dp I will not even consider looking at it.

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