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jira: Which of these cameras has a filter thread?
I think polarizer is a must in many situations.

The Nikon P7800 has a filter thread, I deleted the lens cap and replaced it with a UV filter and swap to polarising when the occasion arrives.
For those other queries: I am happy with the P7800 for the combination of electronic viewfinder PLUS the articulated viewfinder which is a deal-breaker for me.
The controls get a bit obtuse at times, I've had a succession of Canons and Panasonics over the years, but I'm getting used to its quaint ways.

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Wolffy: I am sure all of these cameras can and will take great quality images but 1 thing I must have is a viewfinder. That leaves only the Canon and the Fuji x10
If no viewfinder then an articulated LCD would be nice Nikon and Samsung
ever tried using one of these LCD screen only cameras out in the sun?
your better off with your cell phone

Even with a G12 viewfinder available, I found it OK to just cup my free hand over the articulated screen in bright light. Only once in 2 years did I find it too bright and that was a Central Otago (NZ) blue-dome high noon that was making my skin prickle.
The other use of a view-finder was when I was trying to get pix of my grandson. The only way was to put the camera on 'motor drive' and follow him in the viewfinder. No camera's digital screen can keep up with a 4-year-old.

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iluvmyd800: I recently bought the Nikon 7700, and have been very pleased with how it generally performs, except in low light. But, I did not buy it for that; I bought it for an upcoming trip to Brasil and I am not keen to take my big DSLR and some lenses lest they get stolen! The range on this little camera is remarkable, and it takes brilliant photos in good light. I could not be more pleased. There is a lot of buzz about the Sony RX-100, but I found it to be too small, that it's optical zoom is limited, and that it is slippery in the hand and too expensive for what I wanted. I managed to find my little Nikon for $C450 with tax.

I was mostly happy with my G12, but yearned for a little more zoom and most of all the ability to easily fit filters (polarising in particular). I saw the P7700 and it had a FLIP 'N TWIST SCREEN!!! Absolutely essential IMHO, my last 4 cameras had them, can't imagine working without it. The G12 had a viewfinder but I had only used it twice in 2 years, so going without it for filters and more zoom was a no-brainer!
I've had some problems learning Nikon's UI's quaint ways, inevitable with a brand change, but nothing unsurmountable. I love this camera.

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