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Jeff, I enjoyed your web site for camera news and consumer model reviews. I also appreciated the pics you took, of the same locations, so I could easily compare one camera models performance to another with a common frame of reference.

Seeing the pics of San Francisco always reminded me of my business trips from Sacto to the City. It put a smile on my face.

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The owner's car probably looked like crap and the photo did it justice!

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In one form or another, a majority of sellers misrepresent the item they are selling. I had that today from a reputable seller through Amazon on a small garage door part.

Recourse against a rogue seller is tough given the seller is either out-of-state or in a foreign country.

Sometimes you can score a great deal from someone selling an item directly and they are truthful and honest. Other times, you get the opposite.

The Amazon story in PetaPixal is the dark side when using Amazon as the in between party and leave the customer holding the bag. Amazon marketplace -- I liken it to eBay or Craigs List. Caveat Emptor when it comes to making purchases from these sellers.

I came to a realization many moons ago, buy from the most reputable sellers, if at all possible. You will pay more, but if there is a problem, their reputation is what they are also selling. They know if it gets tarnished, it will take a lot to bring it back sterling again.

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3pin: Also, few remember its sister camera, E-100 RS, which had the same body and lens but a whopping 15 FPS ! It also had a revolutionary pre-capture mode - remember this was 2001.

The E-100 RS never got much play because it was only 1.5 MP but it was probably the best sports camera of the young digital era.

Almost bought one at Fry's Electronics back in 2001. Great camera (E100RS) and a real leap with the optics in early bridge cameras. Great memories.

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FlashPath by FujiFilm, used on my old Quantex Pentium 100 system back in 2000. This old computer was great, but running Win 95 with NO USB and using a serial cable through Picture Shuttle was worse than waterboarding! 8 Megs of pics, I could have dinner and drinks before the job was done.

Thank goodness we progressed to what we have today. Old days, like these are long forgotten and let's keep it that way!

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1960 Nikon F with a 5.8 CM f1.4 lens. My father gave it to me back in 1976. Still have it today!

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