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    Thanks yes, I learned a lot thanks to you and everyone else :)
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    oh wow ok that helps, thanks! yeah... I couldn't afford a super duper killer laptop, this one at least had IPS and at that time was 'good' but not the best of course. Model number... man where is ...
  • Replied in ok weird...
    ok cool thanks for all the help and advice, so I'm guessing then I'm at 2.0 which is freaken close enough for me now lol good info. thanks a bunch!
  • My browser is at 100% but I noticed the actual image is way larger than it is in paint at 100%, so if I size it to match paint, I have to set the browser to 80% image scale, but then it shows ...
  • Replied in ok weird...
    so if I'm on this site, looking at photos people post, I'll see them with gamma 1.4? I'd have to save them and open with paint to see them right? What gamma do you see on your monitor if you use ...
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    Browser shows gamma 1.4 Photofiltre editor shows gamma 1.4 Windows paint shows gamma 2.0 That's annoying... I never use windows 'paint'. How do you get them all to be like windows paint? why is it ...
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    OK question... shouldn't they look good in a browser also, so when we look at photos in our browser, like what we all post on here, actually look right?
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    forgot to directly reply to that one part, that exact page shows gamma 1.2 also
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    This PC has 'button' control for brightness only The video card software has brightness and contrast sliders Windows 10 color management app has a gamma slider So it's weird to adjust all those So ...
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    That's what I 'think' is happening. If I run it, then look at a test image and it lines up with gamma 1.4 then it must be showing 1.4 to my eyes
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    ok didn't know that would affect that, I shall do that!
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    I tried that , but will try again just in case. What usually happens is I get the black and while levels perfect, then nothing will get the gamma to increase beyond 1.4 to 1.6 , ... I think I'm ...
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    Right now I just went to this image Gamma 1.2 is what matches.
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    But wouldn't that still mean, if I 'view' a gamma check it would show up right? Otherwise photos aren't showing up right. It's not that I can't 'set' things to 2.2 it's that no matter how I ...
  • Replied in Gamma grrr
    Sure, it's an HP Pavilion , 15.6 IPS display, 2016 generation, Win 10. The screen looks 'nice', it's IPS so has good viewing angles but man, cannot get gamma to show up as 2.2 for nothing. I ...
  • Created discussion thread Gamma grrr
    Hp Laptop, man, driving me nuts... I cannot get gamma even up to 2, let alone 2.2, and the closer I get, the more it messes with black levels... Anyone else have this issue? I have a spider, nope ...
  • Nice shots, really great color!
  • Great shots, really nice natural skin tone and contrast
  • Nice shots! Nice to see an XS-1 still shooten, mine's getting dusty.. should take out some day again
  • Those are really great, nice job! Why... why did they quit making this line of cameras..... I gotta dust mine off this year and use it, love the color and subtle tones
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