Dan Weil

Lives in United States Knoxville USA, MD, United States
Works as a Artist/Painter, Photographer, Architect
Has a website at www.danielweil.com
Joined on Aug 10, 2004
About me:

Nikon D700, D2X, D70, F100, N2020, Nikkormat, Canon G-12 and Sony NEX-7
Lenses: Nikkor 35mm f2.0, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 105mm f2.8, 17-55mm f2.8, 70-300mm D, 18-70mm DX, Sony 50mm e mount and Sigma 19 and 30mm e mount
Flashes: Vivitar 285, Nikon SB80DX, SB800
Strobes: White Lightning X1600, X800 and 2 Alienbee 500's


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On article 'Ethereal' takes you to Iceland in 4K (81 comments in total)

This is stunningly beautiful and very well conceived and executed. Thank you for letting us watch it, DPReview.

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Impulses: They should open up a shop while they're at it, have any new camera shops opened within DC over the last couple years since I was there? AFAIK there were none left after Calumet/Penn closed...

Seems kinda bizarre that a city with SO many photogs doesn't have a camera store yet places like Denver have a bunch.

Even the surrounding areas are pretty barren, I think there's still a tiny Ritz near Annapolis and a couple other locations, but they're well outside DC...

There is an excellent camera store in Baltimore, less than hour from Washington, DC.

Link | Posted on Aug 29, 2016 at 02:55 UTC

I believe Don. I have used Smugmug for years and have huge respect for him and his company. The customer service is superb, the ability to customize far greater than I could ever do and the range and means of selling great. The Picturelife people are lucky to be led in the direction of Smugmug.

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On article Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century (250 comments in total)
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Al Evans: I had -- still have, actually -- an Olympus E20, the 5 MP successor to the E10. After figuring out how to correct for the distortion and chromatic aberration, of which there was plenty, and learning to always set focus and exposure manually, I found it an enormously capable camera. Now I can't even sell it cheap on Craigslist.... :-)

Please contact me privately at images@danielweil.com abou the E20N.

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On article Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible (85 comments in total)

These photographs are superb and the medium fascinating. I am not understanding. Now that the Pioneers have had their chance to explore the use of the film, can the rest of the humble masses buy it? It appears worth buying and learning to use an 8 x 10 camera. (Anyone have camera and lens suggestions?)

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On photo Forgotten where you live? Move to Smalltown today. in the Ad campaign: Concrete jungle challenge (13 comments in total)

Is this real? I can't find any way you could have spliced different angles. If real, do people actually live in those buildings?

It is a fascinating photo.

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On photo Fruit DNA in the Nikon DSLR only challenge (3 comments in total)

Thanks for posting this. It is thoroughly delightful. It is so rare that I see a photo that sheds such delightful new light on not one, but two subjects, fruit and DNA. I'm not sure which is luckier, your kids for having a fun parent or you for having the kids that inspire such fun ideas.

-Dan Weil

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