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SLOphoto1: The Manual setting does NOT "offer[s] the complete flexibility of full manual control" for the SX40. There is now a governor on it. Try to set the ISO at 400 for a night shot, and then spin the dial towards a 15 second shutter speed. It stops it at 1 second and drops the ISO to 100. Then a message appears on the LCD which says, "ISO speed is limited due to slow shutter speed." I verified it with Canon today. Canon also verified that all previous Canon cameras DID allow full Manual control in setting both the ISO and shutter speed, but no more. This has halted a large portion of the sunset and night photography I have been doing of the Monterey Bay Harbor for the past 2 years. It is condescending and insulting to long-term Canon users to presume to say to us, "We think you don't know what you are doing, and we are no longer going to let you use those traditional manual settings anymore." Obviously if we use a Manual setting it is precisely because we DO KNOW what we are doing!

I headed up to the mountains last night excited to try out my new SX40HS and get some clear shots of the Milky Way. Having been a loyal user of the Canon SX series, i have captured starry skies with my SX20is and my SX30is, usually setting the camera to an ISO of 400 and shutter speed at 15sec. Any ISO higher than 400 on these cameras would result in some bad noise in the picture due to their CCD sensors. So, i was looking forward to ramping up the ISO on my new SX40HS to 1600 or more to try and capture more than just stars and needless to say i was quite surprised and upset when i got to the top of the mountain and received the message "ISO speed is limited due to slow shutter speed!!" I took a few pictures for the hell of it, but with a limitation like that, my SX30 or even the SX20 before it would have taken better star pics! what gives Canon? I am already looking forward to a CHDK firmware update to get around this!

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