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  • A very pleasant Summer day at the park. Good colours. I don't think I would like Colorado in the Winter, but it seems to be a good place in the Summer. Here it is more a case, most days, of "In ...
  • I like this image quality: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4184253
  • It will be as good as new. Maybe a little dusty.
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    I find that the DP3M needs to be "underexposed" quite heavily to avoid highlight clipping. Even then, I often end up at -2.0 on the "Exposure" slider in SPP. The TIF is then quite dark. My guess is ...
  • Did the Sigma image have blown highlights in SPP ? I suspect you may have lightened the whole image in Photoshop, rather than just the shadows. Scenes like this often benefit from a "double ...
  • I think smooth suits some images and grainy suits others. A bright cheerful picture of yacht racing on a summer day should be very sharp and totally free from noise. A low key photo of an alleyway ...
  • Replied in Shutter speed?
    And the exposures were changed, not matched. +++++++++++++++++ Aperture and shutter speed set the exposure. The ISO number and the +/- EV number apply a bias to the light meter reading. In auto ...
  • Nobody ever talked about "double frame". Of course "half frame" is an Olympus marketing phrase, but it is the expression we all used. I spent many long hours in the darkroom and I am well familiar ...
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    That makes no sense to me. What were the shutter speeds ? Without them, the comparisons are meaningless.
  • I always used "full frame" to mean 24x36mm as opposed to "half frame" which is 18x24mm. This usage started when the first Olympus half frame cameras came out in the 60s. Never used it to mean "not ...
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    Roses and a fly. The fly is worth viewing at 100%.
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    Nor can you do it with Ektachrome. I think you are confusing film vs digital with negative vs positive. The ASA 400 rating for Tri-X is for minimum exposure. Any less, and the quality drops off ...
  • That is a couple of shelves of the jazz section. Photos that are clear enough to read the titles are enough to serve as a basis for an insurance claim. It would be impossible to replace all my CDs ...
  • Affinity Photo is said to be good, but I haven't tried it myself. Worth looking at, anyway.
  • That is changing the ISO number and the exposure (shutter speed). Two variables.
  • I had quite good results when I used it for landscapes with the NEX-5N, but leaves moving in the breeze gave double images. The alignment in the algorithm seems good enough to deal with camera ...
  • The answer is, it depends on the camera. The ISO control does different things in different cameras.
  • Kodachrome was sharper than Ektachrome, because the emulsion was thinner. The colours tend to be more subtle from Kodachrome, in my experience. (You don't always want subtle colour.)
  • This should be the job of your Community Colleges, which are the same as our Further Education colleges.
  • How do you measure "thinking quality" ? It does mean that many people have been the first in their family to attend a university. Most courses require at least some thought, although there are some ...
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