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Too expensive. I could get a 2 lens 645 or 6x7 for this much money plus a couple of backs.
If I had $1000.00 I would be set!
Instant Cameras are supposed to be $$$$.
Why the surprise?

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Instant Karma?
Curmudgins aside, me being a prime example.
Rollie was a small company.
When film died, they did too.
If you want to shoot a real Rollie, check Ebay.
Pennies on the dollar you can shoot "real film" to your hearts content.
The point of this product is not to recreate a 1950's camera.
It will appeal to: Women, Children and those who can take a joke.
End the end it matters not where Rollie is today.
You can still relive the Glory!
If you don't believe me I just scored 2 Spotmatics and a basket of lenses on Ebay.
For pennies on the dollar.
What's not to love?

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