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For Canon users, in-studio, the 5DsR or 5DS looks like the way to go. The IQ is clearly the best; however, the 1D X MkII is not aimed at studio photography. Put a 500mm and 2.0x TC on a 5DsR and the user will be lost in the woods. Different tools...

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On article Nikon fills in the blanks on professional grade D5 DSLR (538 comments in total)

Didn't Canon make this announcement 4-years ago?

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Great details in the shots at f/8 and smaller. I don't think that photographer Optimized Exposure in any of these by ETTR (Expose To The Right), requiring much more extreme Raw conversion adjustments than an ETTR exposure would require.

Having shot a lot with the 7D MkII at high ISOs, I don't think that noise will be an issue with this body, at least when exposure is optimized.

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I'm looking forward to this. I've been using the 15/f2.8 fish-eye (de-fished) for big-sky images and interior shots and was seriously thinking about the 14/f2.8 rectilinear to get rid of the artifacts I can see in the corners of my de-fished images (still good enough for 50" prints).

I'll give this a few months and borrow one and the 14mm from CPS to see which suits my shooting the best. The zoom ability is going a long way in my mind to justify the steep price, so long as the performance is as good as the potential indicated.

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Jogger: Just wondering if this video sponsored (i.e. paid for) by Canon? The description is not clear.

Canon loans me equipment worth five-figures and I can't even pay the rent with my images. Of course, that whole kit was loaned. So what! All the other manufacturers do the same thing.

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On article Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (209 comments in total)

Great video review from someone that actually uses the camera as intended. I'm sure more details will come when DPR completes its full, in-depth review.

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I upgraded to DxO Optics Pro 7.5 Elite a couple of weeks ago. I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit OS, 8GB of RAM, an i7 processor and a decent graphics card with Open CL enabled. The system is stable and fast. My RAW files average 25MB and are taking around 6-sec. to correct and convert.

Versus v. 7.2 64-bit, I'm seeing about the same RAW processing speed. The gain is as I move from file to file and apply corrections to a file, where I see the preview more quickly.

This great software would be fantastic if it included a local adjustment tool.

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GK UK: It may be my lack of experience with DxO, but whilst it is showing support for both the Sony a65 and the sony 18-250 lens, I can't get it to open the raw file. Am I missing something as I thought adding the camera to the list of supported models would also include supporting images taken in raw? It works with raw files taken with my a200.

At this rate I wouldn't bank on me buying even at the discount price.

I've used Optics Pro for 2.5 years and moved to v7.1 as soon as it was available. I'm operating it in Window 7, 64-bit, with a quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM. It's lighting-fast with OpenCL enabled, processing 20 to 30MB RAW images in 8 to 10-seconds.

v7.0 was buggy and would lock up during every project. v7.1 has totally fixed that, such that I haven't had any crashes at all over 15-Projects.

The noise reduction seems much improved over the 6.x versions, greatly reducing noise without killing details as much as the earlier veersions did.

The number of useable presets keeps increasing. I use it with FilmPack 3.0. I've got a handful of presets that I use 90% of the time, so I simply click on one of those, set the brighness level, tweak contrast, crop and I'm done

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