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:) Nice composition and story. The boy looks grupy as if the girls making fun of him.

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For those complaining of not getting photos of the setup. I think the description of the setup was good enough to reproduce on my own.
Atleast its explained here unlike other recent articles on DP review..

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adam philips: as a neuroscientist, I will tell you that is complete BS
don't believe any of the left brain / right brain stuff you read in popular media.
The only thing you can reliably believe is that language is primarily processed on the left side, but still, not all of it. There seems to be slightly more face recognition in the right temporal lobe than the left. Other than that, it's complicated and this article is beyond irresponsible for spreading false information

I am an engineer and read pretty extensively (granted a lot of it is fiction and fantasy). I have gotten used to thinking that the right side of the brain is more creative/intuitive and the left more sequential and logical.

If this is not true then I fully blame the Scientific and Nuro Scientists for not countering the spread of misinformation and telling the main stream media the truth. So please go ahead publish some papers which show the proper way and also get prepared to get debunked by the other "camp" who still thinks in the old way.

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The consumer market will be much larger than the specialized one any day.
1.There is cost to consider. Compacts are less expensive. You can junk one and not cry over a years worth of stock investments :). You can give it to the wife or kids(or husband in some cases) and not worry about them wrecking the lens or dropping it or swinging it around.

2. Compacts(or good camera phones) are carried around more in everyday life. A lot of people want to have a camera handy at all time. More so due to social networking.

3.Compacts are less complicated. For the average user DSLR is great, but, not not everyone's interested.

I have seen a lot of people struggle to take pictures on any camera without face detect & VR. These features on the compacts make it easy for everyone to take decent snapshots. Most people would rather point and shoot whatever catches their fancy rather than worrying about exposures and bokeh.

They would probably say my Facebook pics are too small to notice detail anyway.

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(unknown member): Not trying to be snide here, but this reads a little like an introduction to an article instead of an article itself. I found myself looking for part two.

Yep..really really short and too light on the details.

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Great article and great photos. Eagerly waiting on the how of insect macros, in the next article in the series.

Love the hovering dragonfly. People who have not shot dragonflys in midair, do not know how hard it is to capture one in midair. They hover for about 1-2 sec before jumping upto 10 feet in any direction. Damn but they are fast.

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