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  • You should definitely flip it over and do a second wipe. They are one-shot swabs (or, I suppose, actually two-shot). Clean and dispose.
  • I found them to be too small, too much area not covered. The 1.6x swab, on the other hand, is a perfect vertical swipe fit. The supposed M4/3 swabs are a perfect fit on my 1-inch J4. "...mft sensor ...
  • Well, I ordered those supposed M4/3 swabs, and they're definitely not for M4/3. They're too small. However they're perfect for the 1-inch sensor in my Nikon 1 J4, which I used to clean it with, so ...
  • Thanks for your reply. I'll check that out.
  • Created question thread SENSOR CLEANING SWABS
    I've been looking around online to see what size swabs are good for cleaning off the sensor on my Pana GM5. From what I see supposedly 1.3X sensor swabs are the right size. However a quick look at ...
  • Yep, it says that, but there's no correction applied. Either that or Panasonic's corrections are either total crap or their lenses are insanely distorted. I just correct manually. However if this ...
  • Well, if they're embedded, Lightroom is completely ignoring it. I get no lens correction from my 12-32 or 45-150. Lightroom does recognize the camera and type of lens and even what zoom setting ...
  • Thanks for your hep. You'd think this info would be in the manual. Thanks again.
  • Created question thread How to update Pana GM5 Firmware
    Hi folks, I need to know how to update the firmware for both my GM5 body and 12-32mm lens. I was under the impression that all I had to do was copy the .bin file to the root directory of the SD ...
  • Replied in Yes, indeed
    Thanks for your reply. Are your Fotga rings all metal, or just the mounts? Thanks again.
  • Created discussion thread M4/3 Extension rings with contacts
    Hi folks, does anyone make a set of m43 extension rings with contacts so the lenses can continue to work automatically? Thanks.
  • Brilliant! I just ran out and bought one. Obnoxiously overpriced, but one less step to contend with. Now if only this concept was available in other filter sizes, I could certainly use one for the ...
  • Created discussion thread M4/3 sensor development
    I'm curious about people's thoughts here on the state of sensor development in the m4/3 world. Seems like development is advancing rapidly in 1 inch and APS-C and larger sensors, but m4/3 seems to ...
  • Hi folks, I recently picked up a Pana GM5, and searching firmware updates, I saw one for it (my body is at v. 1.0). Apparently all that's listed for the new firmware is an improvement in the ...
  • Thanks for your samples. I decided instead for the Panasonic 45-150. I found it on Amazon for $215. Can't say I'm fond of the mm gap, but the 30-100 was too expensive I thought.
  • That's rather curious product, how on earth does that work? If I extend the lens the cap opens? Fascinating if so.
  • Well, in order to throw it into my pocket, yes I do have to put the lens cap back on and collapse the lens so it fits in my pocket. I suppose I COULD leave it expanded if I happen to be wearing ...
  • Thanks for all your replies. Picked up a red GM5 today for $440 new. Initial tests are very satisfying. The only Achilles Heel is the fact that you need to remove the lens cap, rotate the lens to ...
  • Thanks for your reply. Yeah, the 35-100 didn't strike as too impressive, especially for it's price. The 45-175 is certainly nice, but a bit too pricey for my tastes. The 30-110 Nikkor I've been ...
  • "You are aware that there are 4/3 and micro 4/3 lenses?" No, I have no clue. :-) I will assume however that my just-purchased GM5 is a micro. Have I've been listing older lenses in my posts?
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