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Canon 100-400/f 3.5-5.6 II IS L
Canon 70-200/f2.8L II IS L
Canon 70-200/f4.0 II IS L
Canon 24-105/f4 IS II L
Canon 50/f1.8
Sigma 18-35/f1.8 Art
Canon M 18-55
Canon M 55-200
Canon M 22
Canon M 28 Macro

Canon Speedlight 580EX

Canon Control Ring Adapter EF to R
Canon 1.4 x III TC, 2.0x III TC, Kenko tubes

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  • I enjoyed it quite a bit (there than the heat!)  I was shooting with my 7DMKII and the 100-400 so at an effective distance of 640 mm.  Some birds were closer--a few of the bee eaters, etc but the ...
  • My Peak Design hand strap  for my R just came today and I really like it.  I like the fact that I can easily adjust it which means that when I'm wearing gloves this winter that won't be a problem ...
  • When I was faced with the same quandary I went with the Canon 400/5.6 as my first long lens.  As others attested, it's light, fast to focus, and sharp.  Frequently IS is not used when shooting ...
  • Very nice photos.  Great composition. Catherine
  • Thanks for the tip.  I always  appreciate any tip that someone has discovered from using the camera.  I want to get this set up as my back up because I've got 350 K clicks on my 7DMKII and I'm ...
  • Thanks, Sittatunga.  I just packed up the rental R to send back but the new R I ordered from B&H arrives tonight so I'll give that a try.  I'm leaving for Tanzania Feb 1 so want to get these ...
  • . . . . . . To Robert again-- I switched to some little lightweight lenses:  24-105 II, the little cheap 50/1.8, and the new lightweight 70-200/f4 III and set things up like you describe and it's ...
  • I had been using BBF with the shutter button set to do metering so that I could pick the part of the scene I wanted to meter (using spot metering) and then adjust the exposure to get the effect I ...
  • One Shot, Continuous, Autofocus.  Four point expanded focus point.
  • Thanks for all the comments and the referral to Rockwell's site which I checked out.  The R came a day early so I had a chance to check it out yesterday with the 100-400II+ 1.4 TC III and they ...
  • Thanks.  I'm always looking for how I can wring the absolute most out of any piece of equipment I use and any information about tweaks on setting up the R for max performance will probably ...
  • Hi Robert I received the R this weekend and had a chance to play with setting up all the various buttons and MFn bar. I'm looking as this camera to be my second camera for all my non high speed ...
  • Created discussion thread EOS R and 100-400 II + TCs
    Renting the EOS R next week and one of my most frequently used lenses is my 100-400 II.  Has anyone used the combination with a Series III 1.4 TC?  How were the files and how did it perform? Thanks, ...
  • Great shots!  Those bee eaters and swallows (?) are fast little buggers!  Will the R track well enough to let you get a second shot or is it only good for a single shot.  I'm going to rent one ...
  • I think the kit you have is going to be the one I'll end up with.  I do mainly wildlife but adding more "other" photography as time goes by.  My main camera has been the 7DMII but after getting ...
  • I've got the M5 that I've used for for travel landscape, etc and have enjoyed it a lot.  There's only one time when I was absolutely not able to use it and that was a couple of months ago when we ...
  • Thanks so much for your review with your real world experiences.  Particularly helpful were your discussion of your set up of the camera.  I shoot manually too and try to move my focus point to ...
  • I've bought several Wasabi batteries and the Wasabi double battery USB charger which will charge both the Canon and Wasabi batteries.  It's the charger I take with me when I travel because of the ...
  • When I was there a couple of years ago in April (with temps >100 deg F) none of the birds were close and you needed to be shooting at focal lengths >600 to get anything.  I assume there are more ...
  • Thanks everybody!  That was just the info I needed!!  I've got about 6 batteries between the M5 and the M3  so I'll have plenty of charged ones  to carry with me and I definitely will be careful ...
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