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Argh, so much for my 70-200mm f/2.8 macro II... Having it was one of the reasons I could go FF without having to invest too much.

But this is still nice from Sigma to admit and fix the issue.

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emersonik: I wish Olympus could offer this pixel shift mode on the EM5II via fw.

Do not hold your breath, that kind of application is patented. And pentax won't probably be able to provide a system that increase the pixel count...

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Inspired the godwin point, there should the dpreview point when you know mirrorless will be mentioned in any article. Especially if you use it to make think it is a better solution and try to make pass the idea SLR == older == bad.

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"The 70-200mm is the first full-frame telephoto zoom to bear Pentax's 'Star' designation"

-> the FA* 80-200mm f/2.8 ED [IF] and the FA* 250-600mm f/5.6 ED [IF] may want to object to that statement :)

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Not saying it was the best lens of 2014, but Pentax did release a 16-85mm...

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K3 got an award from DPR? I remember the 2014 user choice for DSLR, but not that one...

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quezra: Where are all the m4/3 fanboys to explain how the EM1 is better?

Expect the article from the mobile section saying that the nokia is better (only 10mpx more than the lumia!) ;)

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Karroly: Review says "Finally, there's a 'Custom' setting that allows the user to choose a different amount of noise reduction to apply at each ISO setting"
Great !
But would be even greater to allow to set the amount of color saturation and sharpening level and type (standard, fine, extra fine) for each ISO setting...

Maybe you should consider shooting raw?

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So, no interview with Pentax representatives? Too bad, I would have liked a Q/A session in the same vein of the others...

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Zeiss, I thought you said you were too good to do things for APS-C systems? :)

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Peter Albinger: Just what we need - another fuji sensor configuration that will produce raw files that will confound various raw processors.

I guess the failed experiment of the EXR sensor of my X10 (at least in terms of readable raw files) will be followed by yet another "out of the box" adventure that will provide users with lots of head scratching moments.

DNG won't help, it is just extended tiff that stores the raw matrix... Since the matrix is still a non-standard pattern, software would not be able to read it out of the box.

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Are you also racing a K-3 review?

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