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Wouldn't surprise me a bit if the P310 produced equivalent results to the 1 series.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

This thing is selling for $619 at the local camera store and $500 with free shipping on eBay, both with the 8.5mm kit prime. It's the same price as the X10 in the real world. They're both great cameras, imo.

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mikiev: The inductive transfer capability explains the use of microSD = they don't intend for you to be handling/swapping cards.

Maybe, but I hate it. The only thing stopping Sony from getting my cash on the regular 200V is the microSD which screws up how I do things. Sure, I could change, but I can also change cameras, which is easier.

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ovatab: with the same architecture Sony could build ultimate tough camera with body made of single piece of plastic without any doors and connectors! 8Gb internal memory, Wi-Fi, inductive charging, rubber corner bumpers and some "gorilla glass" lens cover. will it be ready for next Xmas?

Great thought! Give it 4g and Android and I'd spend a king's ransom on it.

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The charging station would be a minor nicety for me. The image/video downloading can't match match my Eye-Fi, I don't think, so it's useless to me. Wifi again is already in my Eye-Fi so I don't care, but I do notice that it only transfers 2mp images so I can't imagine who would want it. People who want 2mp images aren't forking out over $500 for a pocket cam. They can keep this thing in Japan as far as I'm concerned.

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You know, as dumb as it is for manufacturers to be endlessly increasing the megapixel count, it's equally dumb for equipment nuts to keep complaining about it as though more pixels won't merely not help but will actually somehow harm IQ. All these cameras let you shoot at lower res. Just set your defaults to a lower setting if it bothers you and move on. The megapixel climb isn't over no matter how much you complain about it.

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snake_b: Not that I really like the idea of small-sensor cams with horrifically high numbers of MP, but why is having a micro SD slot "spoiling" things? There are plenty of good class ten cards out there now.

Many of us have a little cash and a lot of kit tied up in SD. Micro SD rocks the boat unnecessarily.

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Jens_G: These should come with Android and 3G tbqh.

Absolutely! If it did, I'd buy one in a second.

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I already own the previous model DSC-TX100V (I paid $420 when it first came out) and It seems from the comments I'm reading that I'm one of the few people here who could see myself spending $500 for one of these DSC-TX200Vs. It fits in my pocket and therefore it fits my world. This being said, I'm not going to give up my Eye-Fi cards, so for me, the micro-SD/Memory Stick format is a deal breaker.

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