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I think these phones do a good job of replacing point and shoots for carry everywhere cameras for most enthusiasts. The fact is, the image quality in good light between this, and a PS, is not that big when viewed at internet size images. Add to that the convenience of being able to instantly upload, and the much bigger convenience of not having an entirely separate device in my pocket (I mean, where do you put your keys if you have a camera in one pocket and a phone in the other?), and the camera phone really makes everyday, everywhere photography convenient.

I have my nice gear for when IQ is the main concern, but most days, when I'm just about, IQ is not the main concern -- svelteness is.

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I now have the perfect camera to go with my steampunk inspired air pirate costume.

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Man Sony is killing it. They only gain from this partnership. Hasselblad won't poach any of Sony's sales, and Sony will get the halo effect from being "chosen" for collaboration by Hasselblad. Add to this Sony's investment in Olympus (admittedly more for medical devices, but relationships can't hurt) and Sony's dominance in sensor tech, and I think we will have a new market champ within a decade.

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I always liked the Nex-7, but felt it wasn't ugly enough or expensive enough. Now I am really intrigued. Sell me a Hasselblad branded 18-55mm zoom for $3000 and I am IN!

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