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jorg14: I think Adobe is the bellwether. If they succeed, it will open the floodgates and all companies will be asking for a subscription. It's basically apartment renting and car leasing on a smaller scale. Good for business and bad for the consumer.

You'd want choice. If Adobe had pushed their cloud service without getting rid of the licensed product, many would have been far more content.

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Sonyshine: Price! Price! Price!

As DPR says:

One concern we have - at least here in the U.S. - is the price. Nikon USA is bundling the camera with the 10-30mm PD-Zoom lens, EVF, and grip, with a price tag of $1200. Considering that you can buy a Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm power zoom lens, built-in EVF, and similar Hybrid AF system for $400 less, the V3 doesn't seem like a great value. Despite that, we look forward to putting the V3 through its paces, and seeing if that burst mode lives up to the hype.

Nothing more to say really.....

$1200 gets you a D7100. The V3 is smaller and has better movie mode, but it does not come close to the quality of the sensor of the D7100, or any other APS-C. And so far, focus tracking on a DSLR still beats that of a mirrorless. So, if action is your thing, you won't be buying a V3.

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One year too late.

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lemonadedrinker: The 'Idols' series from Taschen(?) shows 2 versions of this photograph. Make of that what you will. Those of us with a more paranoid cast of mind will also have read that these were Republican prisoners that Capa was photographing and that makes the story a lot more awkward.

Why would a soldier leave his trench to go up against a machine gun just carrying his rifle in that casual manner, without his finger on the trigger,or the strap round his forearm?

I made up my mind a long time ago about this image.

a) These were militia, not trained soldiers. Mind you this is 1936 at the start of the war.
b) Look at the Great War. Soldiers leaving their trench to run (or walk in the case of the Somme battles) at machine guns was common practise. It happened at Verdun, the Somme, Ieper, etc. Millions lost their lives by doing this.

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keepreal: This is another example of technology getting out of hand. As I went digital, I had to familiarise myself with all sorts of concepts only to subsequently dispose of most of them, like having twenty two subject modes, none of which are needed for serious photography where the camera operator still knows what he is doing and remains in control.

I am not saying that this Sigma device is unnecessary, just that it ought to be in the labs of manufacturers. If one is using high quality equipment where fine tuning to this degree makes sense, for the exorbitant amounts one has to pay, let them get it right before the user gets to buy anything or, if we are talking about an option like adjusting the autofocus seek range, let them build that into the camera to adjust, where it should be in the first place, so that one is not stuck with one setting per shooting session.

Everything now is becoming so unnecessarily complicated that soon you will need training just to suck eggs.

Except of course the OEMs don't make the lenses we want...

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