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Using Leica M since 1978. Using Nikon F since 1985.
Pressing buttons/shutters ever since.
Moved to Fujifilm in 2017. Using Nikon D600 only in studio since then


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jrg: budget-friendly at 4 grand???????????????????????? Gadzooks!

You are right about that. Even a Leica Standard cost as much as a three month salary at the time. (1930's) Only in the 50's and 60's Leica's were comparable cheap, compared to other brands.

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Nick8: True, it is just a silly toy.
"Retro" is often associated with old, quality stuff. Not the case of this one.
Imagine somebody trying to look cool while advancing the "film" with the lever.

I paid less for my yashica 35 electro. But as they say in Germany “In der Begrenzung zeigt sich den Meister”. You don’t need an Nikon 850 or Canon 5D to make great pictures! Or do you?

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (860 comments in total)

Not too bad, I own 5 out of the 10 camera's mentioned. I do agree with most of the comments.
I would opt for the Nikon EM. Cheap and affordable. The first almost plastic Nikon. Sturdy as hell (or Doorstopper) Simple to use and easy to manipulate.

And one of the older "compact"s with an 45mm 1.7 lens. There are several affordable and great quality. I own an Yashica electric 35 GX.

And the Lubitel II... Build and sold since the 50's until the end of day. I was surprised to see advertisements in Photo Magazines from 1958.

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jhinkey: Too bad they don't cover full frame . . . .

I am using FF and m43s. My "decent" primes : 85mm, 50mm and 28mm didn't cost more than $1500.
A similar set of primes for m43 would set me back a similar amount of money.

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breivogel: This has happened on my LX5, and mt lx7 is showing signs of it.

Serial numbers are bad enough, but the labels on the various buttons on several camera bodies (and lenses) also wear off. I have taken to covering them with clear coat nail polish (very carefully). This is disappointing on otherwise expensive and well made equipment (like a D800 or GH4).

In the not so distant past, labels were engraved and filled with colored paint - even on inexpensive products (look at old Nikon manual lenses). At one time, plastic buttons were made by a (more expensive) two-shoot molding process, where the lettering integral to the part. Early computer keyboards were made this way.

Seems like manufacturers are cutting costs in trivial ways. I am sure that with modern technology, making wear resistant labeling is not impossible.

I own a LX1, LX2, LX3 with the same problem.
So the problem with Lumix camera's is older than with the G7

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On article Readers' Showcase: Oscar Cwajbaum (33 comments in total)

I am jealous! I've been twice at Elvia in the Netherlands, but was never able to take shots like these. (I was not prepared for it either, to be honest.)

Wonderfull pictures!

Am I right that he used some additional strobes?

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pdqgp: $4,250 ? Seriously....I'm a HUGE photography nut but that price is just plain stupid.

A 28mm 2.0 Summicron for an Leica M costs 3,779.60.
And this is even 1/3 stop faster.
With a full-frame body and the other goodies it is indeed a steal.
For the time being I will stick with my Leica IIIc and Summaron 35.
Smaller and cheaper.

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I must be a lucky guy. My Leica M2 - friend for more than 30 years now - weights only 580gr. With an Elmar 50mm 2.8 it is around 800grs. And fits in your pocket.

Much better that an Nikon F2 which would put 840grs and with an Nikor 50mm 2.0 lens around 1060grs. Brrr!!!!

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Jim Evidon: What many of you fail to realize is that Leica has no aspirations to be a cookie cutter camera giant. Canon, Nikon (at least some), Olympus and Fuji all make very fine cameras. Leica has never made cameras for the masses. The very first Leica I was unlike any other camera in the world and was predicted to be an absolute failures. So here we are 90 years later and the Leitz/ Leica camera company is still going strong in its own small way. It has a loyal customer base.

Leica knows it's market. Customer relations are excellent, IMO. It is an excellent camera and a unique shooting experience providing superb images again and again.

Will I buy a M240? No. The M9-P satisfies me very much. It is built to last and I love the fact that its functions are basic, and the images are tack sharp with the right balance of contrast and color; that illusive Leica look that non-Leica people believe is a fiction. Believe me, it is very real. The M240 and 240 Monochrom appear to be worthy successors.

In the 30+ years I owned a Leica I never paid as much service costs as I would need if I would have brought an Nikon or Canon. My Nikon F2 needed to be serviced for around 500 guilders while it never took as much pictures as my Leica M2 did. Things might have been changed, but my Nikon D600 needed more repairs than my Leica Digilux 1.

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Ferrania is always considered to be in quality behind the big four (or before Fuji became available outside Japan) the big three (Kodak, Agfa and Ilford)

That said, it is always an good thing to have competition.

For grainy shots a lesser quality film like Ferrania is great!

I still love the pictures I took with OrWo film in the seventies in low light.

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On article Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) (136 comments in total)

I am awaiting for the first one's to appear on eBay of which the brass comes through. A remark like "heavy used, but in exceptionally good order" might bring down the price to a level that even I - humble Leica owner of an M2 - can afford.
And yes, I consider any Leica in 'A1 condition' as not for me.
Pity that Leica shutters are not suffering the Zeiss Contax rangefinder shutter defect. Even my Leica IIIc from 1948 does do it's job again and again. And yes, brass is coming through!

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 (393 comments in total)

Interestingly is the book on which the Olympus is put on, one about film development. Brings back old memories. Just like the Olympus OM-2n against the Nikon F2.

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