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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)

I annually shoot sports events for our local research park, with close to 1500 participants. I use my D700 where the output has to be on the web within an hour and on a overhead projector for the dinner that follows the event. People love to see themselves, so we typically have one hour to get 700 shots ready. I shoot 3 MPix JPG mode with some extra sharpening to get crisp images, and get excellent results and also extra exposure/shutter latitude due to the noise reduction inherent in 3 MPix vs. 12 MPix. The lightweight images also make fast post-processing possible.

I would suggest that DP review also look at the quality some of the downsampled outputs of cameras like the D700 and D800. My gut feel is that these downsampled outputs are actually sharper with great acuity and less noisy than if they were shot with a camera with this as its native resolution.

I would also support the comments that D800 images should be downsampled to Mark III size, to give fair comparisons.

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Hen3ry: How long does the battery last with all that computing power and that screen, doing even simple picture editing?

And yes, the lack of a built-in SD card reader and a USB port is ridiculous.

Like Apple way back when, crippling the Mac by allowing only one disk drive and having to be dragged kicking and screaming to anything faster than a serial port on the back.

Cheers, geoff

Yes, there is only one button, but right clickl still works on it (Magic Mouse).

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