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My fourth book, Fearless Photographer: Nature, was published in early 2016. I'm also the author of three pictorial guidebooks, two about California, one about Yosemite.

I conduct photography workshops for the Yosemite Conservancy and I conduct trips around the western U.S. through my own company.


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Mark Hubbard 1949: What constitutes "commercial" photography in the National Parks? Using a tripod and medium or large format cameras? OF COURSE these visitors were foolish and criminal in walking out on the fragile and beautiful Grand Prismatic. How much did they make from their "commercial" photography? Where were their "commercial" products published? Did the voice-over of their films incite others to ignore rules in our National Parks? The National Park Service has become increasingly hostile towards photographers in the last 50 years; unfortunately, idiots like these four burden the rest of us with unwarranted scrutiny and the possibility of arrest for seemingly innocent activities. We all need more EDUCATION and CLEARER GUIDELINES from the National Park Service to properly enjoy our hobby and to respect the needs of the parks while protecting the environment. I regret that it was four Canadians who were charged when too many U.S. citizens disrespect our public lands and need additional education.

"capturing images for later display with the expectation of receiving money from individuals who wish to see the images"

That seems like a slippery slope. How about individuals who have no expectation of selling their photos at the time they make them, but have no means of or knowledge how to do so? Or who later decide to do so, or are approached to do so? I'm guessing you'd you're OK with those scenarios.

I'd rather see emphasis on restrictions/special rule/fees on the equipment photographers can use – i.e. on drone photography, scaffolding for lights, etc. – than to try impose rules and fees on photography per se, for what photographers may or may not do with their photos after they make them.

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DavidsfotosDotCom: Did these guy do any real damage or just make a few temporary footprints if any? If you believe in evolution (I don't based on 1st & 2nd laws of thermodynamics) then what, is this just evolution in action? There have been free range Native Americans exploring & living there thousands of years before the NPS put up signs!

Every freedom loving person should read: The Law, 1853 by Frederic Bastiat - it explains how the state use's the law to get Legal Plunder!
People plead guilty who are NOT all the time because the STATE is a 9,000 lb gorilla that will make a punitive example of you if you don't plead guilty!

Well, David, I don't believe in the first and second laws of thermodynamics, so I'm pretty sure you don't exist, either.

I don't suppose you realize how kooky your ideas are, do you? No, you don't, or you wouldn't post them here.

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ecm: I know a lot of folks already really love this camera - but I am unhappy; I guess because I was expecting too much.... With a 1" sensor and a much limited but useful-range zoom, I thought this might be it - a large sensor camera with a sharp, usable wide to moderate telephoto lens. After all, Panasonic makes darned good fixed long zoom lenses, my old ZS15 attests to that.

But, "soft"? "Noise reduction obliterates detail"? This does not sound like the Panasonic I know.... I already get that from my ZS50 - why would I spend so much for what sounds like exactly the same problems? Very disappointed.... going to cry in my corner now.... :\

"a large sensor camera"

I'm late to the party, but ecm's comment caught my attention. A 1" sensor isn't a large sensor. It's a small sensor.

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