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Biowizard: Why on earth does this baby need 900GB of internal storage, when it only has a 12Mpx sensor? And with those enormous sensor sites, why is maximum ISO quite so limited? Surely they could make this one see in all but total darkness?

On the plus side, at least there is now a camera which looks like those icons you see on Police Speed Camera signs!


It needs so much storage if you want to use the camera in video mode. The specs say it's putting out 500MB per second. It can connect with external USB3 storage as well. I think this amount of internal storage (for this price) is just an extra step up for a user who wants to use it for video.

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Well, I do like the look and way of taking pictures on film. But for that there are still other films which outperform this film easily. I tried the Agfa Vista negative film a few times but never really liked it. Colors hard to get right when scanning and very grainy.

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Nice, I like the idea!
I sometimes use my Canon Ixus i5 and 700, those are made in 2004-2005... the images from those can be nice but not so much in low or harsh light.
But camera's made between 2008 and 2011 are those 'vintage' already? In my opinion a camera needs to be older to be called vintage.

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When I saw this article it made me think back at the recent announcement of the "Yashica digiFilm Y35". The Reflex modular is what I wanted the Yashica to be, so I really like this idea. Merging old styling and new technology (it's charging system for instance) into a new film camera.

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I'm happy my camera (still) doesn't show light leaks on a roll of film, so I'll pass on these films.

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Time to bring the screen savers back, as a countermeasure to the burn-in issues!

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It's name is legendary and so is it's price.

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I can only say I agree with the content of this article.

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Looks to me like this whole idea is revolving around keeping the costs as low as possible providing a good looking camera.
Well... making a true film camera would eliminate the need for a decent sensor and digital part for storing the pictures and so can lower costs.
This camera will be a niche thing... film also is, so why would that be such a bad idea to make a real film camera? Or... is there some other brand which will make that happen?

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BubbleGum: Why is there a Kodachrome slide on the title photo?

Perhaps it's to show that apps cannot search through these!
But I bet it's because such a slide is associated with the brand Kodak.

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(unknown member): If space is so big, what's the point of life?

Then, life would be a point!

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I've been following the Cassini Huygens mission since 2003. Those are fascinating images, they put the mind to the test. The spacecraft is an outstanding piece of technology, it's camera was also state of the art... and still is by today's standards in space technology. It's sad Cassini had to go, but the scientific data and images remain for us to see and understand. Originally planned for orbit around Saturn until 2008, but the mission already soon got extended.

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RedFox88: Can't see a reason for slide film today...unless it's something special out of the ordinary. Kodachrome? Sure, ekachriome? Nope.

Can't see a reason for 'ekachriome' sales either ;)
Although slide film has a unique aspect compared to other formats... there is no need for any post-processing. When the film is developed, its slides can be projected right away on a screen, which is fun I think.

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On photo Colorado Rainbow 2 in the Rainbow challenge (11 comments in total)

I like the contrast between the darkness in the sky and the vivid rainbow, which looks perfect. Beautiful.

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On article Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 sample gallery (90 comments in total)

Stunning photos. And the level of detail is just incredible.

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If I didn't know about the fisheye lens type, I'd be confused by these (wonderful) photos, apparently taken with a fisheye lens. Most confusing ;)

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Fantastic! Beautiful.

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Scored 8 out of 10, interesting test!

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I found myself comparing shadow noise shot with the 6D mkII at +3 or +4 EV with the Canon EOS 5D.

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Great photography, thanks for sharing!

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