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I was really hoping this would be the camera that makes me ditch my D90 but sadly - not!
I was really hoping for an articulating screen and 8-10 FPS. I don't need nor want touch-screen nor do I really care for Wi-Fi - that's all just "fluff" crap that the others throw into their cameras to divert you from some of the cameras short-comings.
I just want a useful camera for TAKING PICTURES that has really good IQ, FPS, fast and accurate focusing with a screen that allows me a little more flexibility as I become less flexible. I don't need nor want the other superfluous BS that seems to jammed down our throats with other cameras.

Sorry Nikon, you JUST missed the mark (for me) with this unit. You shouldn't have gone the evolutionary update on this - you should have made a statement and gone for the revolutionary change, for this one.

Oh well, maybe the D7300 will answer my needs!

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Maxfield_photo: You can have my prism when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Well I guess that's the beauty of having so many variations of picture capturing devices available - there's something for most everyone. I think this whole argument of M43 is better than DSLRor vise versa, OVF superior to EVF (for now!) and so on, are silly arguments at best. Use what suits your needs best and don't criticize what others use. This gets as silly as car and truck brand arguments: use what you like, can afford and does the job for you - honestly people, are we still in 5th grade?

Instead, look at the pictures people have taken with their cameras and enjoy or critique those instead. After all, in the end it's all about the captured shot!!!

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