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Photo editing and DAM software for an air-gapped PC? PC Talk 11 months ago
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Modern AF lens with legacy character? Adapted Lens Talk Mar 4, 2017
Don't be afraid of heavy lenses Pentax SLR Talk Feb 22, 2017
Fascinating Article on the Resurgence of Film Adapted Lens Talk Feb 21, 2017
IQ difference FF vs APSC? Adapted Lens Talk Feb 14, 2017
User experience vs image quality Adapted Lens Talk Feb 8, 2017
Which is Which: Pentax M 135 3.5 vs. A. Schacht Munchen 135 4.5 Adapted Lens Talk Jan 24, 2017
Best 80-200/4? Adapted Lens Talk Dec 30, 2016
Teleconverter for Konica Hexanon 50mm f/1.4 (55mm thread) Adapted Lens Talk Dec 29, 2016
Pentax K-50, Fujifilm X-E1 or Sony A6000 for film K-mount SLR shooter? Camera, Lens and System Buying Advice Dec 10, 2016
Pentax 50mm f2 lens test. Adapted Lens Talk Nov 28, 2016
Lens Slate: Request for Beta Testers Adapted Lens Talk Nov 28, 2016
Are some focal length 'Better' in terms of I.Q.? Adapted Lens Talk Nov 27, 2016
New Mayer Primoplan 75/1.9 hands on Adapted Lens Talk Nov 16, 2016
Adapter for Image and Yashica lens Adapted Lens Talk Nov 13, 2016
Better choice! Adapted Lens Talk Nov 4, 2016
Wide open sharpest affordable vintage lenses? Adapted Lens Talk Nov 3, 2016
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Komura story Adapted Lens Talk Oct 29, 2016
Pentax zoom lenses Adapted Lens Talk Oct 27, 2016
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Greek and other tragedies Adapted Lens Talk Oct 24, 2016
Interesting pictures with crappy lenses Adapted Lens Talk Oct 22, 2016
What do you use to clean salt spray from filters and lenses? Adapted Lens Talk Oct 20, 2016
recommend a manual 135mm f2.8 please? Adapted Lens Talk Oct 12, 2016
St. Petersburg: Russian Lens Recommendations Adapted Lens Talk Oct 8, 2016
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Pentax K-1 and old M lenses Pentax SLR Talk Sep 23, 2016
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