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LensBeginner: Uhm... spreadsheet?
Been doing this for ages the old-school way...

Just to clarify, mine was not meant to be a trolling post...
However I can't help but be perplexed sometimes, when an old solution to an old problem is marketed as "new" just because it comes in the shape of an "app".

BTW a spreadsheet is of course an already dumbed-down, more convenient way to do it - if without all the bells and whistles a database (which is the "proper" way) can offer.

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Uhm... spreadsheet?
Been doing this for ages the old-school way...

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AshMills: They should have made it a webcam with a massive crop.

...looks like you've put an "o" instead of an "a"...

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whawha: The solution is easy: flash the back side of the hand. Sure, it might convey a slightly different message, but hey one has to have one's priorities...

...wouldn't do that to an Aussie... :-P

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Lan: In other news, water is found to be wet...

...or the fact that they recalled the faulty Note 7, and the units in which the issue had supposedly been corrected started exploding as well...

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munro harrap: Dan, it is not ridiculous at all: the majority of people fail to register that photography IS all about the light ("And God saw the Light that it was good and divided the Light from the darkness"etc)
Akhenaton, and Turner, and me too regard the Sun as God, just as the Hindus and yes, the Japanese do- "the land of the Rising Sun" Danny boy!!

The only tragedy involved here other than the failure to realize simple longstanding truths and beliefs as even relevant is Nikon's failure to pack their precision goods properly in foam cut-outs inside decent strong boxes, so that our machinery cannot be damaged in transit.

Other than that it is one of the planet's most important companies, and it is an amazing company, here maybe trying to clue you into what thay want as competition entries!!

Yeah, that thing about the sun dying and resurrecting after 3 days of apparent lack of movement (hence, "death"), on the 25th of December, from the constellation of the Virgo.

...oh, wait... :-P

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LensBeginner: Focus and recompose...

I don't have lots of unsharp pictures, as a matter of fact.
OTOH, the focus and recompose scenario also applies to large-DoF situations, and in those cases the plugin is kinda useless.

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Focus and recompose...

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Not really "inexpensive" IMHO...

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Frank C.: He talks Italian without dialect or at least the version taught in school, wouldn't mind sharing an espresso with this giovanotto, he seems like a great guy.

If they are considered languages, they cease to be dialects, so the difference still stands...

'un ti preoccupare brodino costì, che so d'icché sto parlando ;-)

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Frank C.: He talks Italian without dialect or at least the version taught in school, wouldn't mind sharing an espresso with this giovanotto, he seems like a great guy.

Yes and no.
1. yes he talks only with a slight Milanese accent, which is apparent mainly in the vowels.

2. dialects are only variants of the Italian language: perhaps you were thinking about Sardinian or Friulan which are full-fledged languages and are talked in the Italian peninsula/islands. OTOH, Neapolitan, just to name one, is a dialect of Italian.

Link | Posted on Dec 31, 2016 at 17:57 UTC

The "ca(n)nons" are those you usually see near a soccer/football/athletics fields... might be difficult to shoot a wedding with a 500mm f/4...

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T3: I can't imagine this ever working. Aperture blades in a lens slide over one another in an overlapping fashion. That's what allows the aperture iris to change in size. This wrench doesn't do that, and even if it did do that, the aperture "blades" would never be strong enough to handle the torque demands of a wrench. It's a cute idea, but it'll never work in real life. It might work as an art piece, though.

Agreed, it will work, but IMHO the blades will open up under torque.
Universal wrenches as we know them have either a very stiff helicoid, or are self-tightening like the ones with the grip and the hook that come in pairs and are used for pipes.

Link | Posted on Dec 24, 2016 at 10:32 UTC

...the cream of the cr@p...

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KiwiDon: Pentax K1 for $971. Better get in quick!

...but the fact that scammers go through the trouble of listing a /Pentax/ camera means that Pentax is becoming mainstream... :-P

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KiwiDon: Pentax K1 for $971. Better get in quick!

I don't get your humor... apart from the rhyme :-P

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tom1234567: Just got rid of Adobe LR AND PP today
I now use on1Photo Raw instead of LR,
and the new Affinity for windows released today in place of PP.

so Adobe no more monies from me,
the LR done nothing for the Fuji jpeg problems
I have the Fuji X-T2 and the D7200 and the new programs handle the files with no problems
I think a few more users will be leaving Adobe soon

Tom G


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LegacyGT: For anyone else confused by how a single lens camera can capture a 360 view.
I did the extra investigation and discover this camera has a 220 degree FOV wide angle lens that is designed to be pointed straight up... so it has a 360 degree in 2D.

Most other "360" cameras (Ricoh Theta, Nikon KeyMission, Insta360 Nano, Samsung Gear360,etc) offer a 360* in 3D (i.e. spherical view) via two ~180 FOV lenses stitched together.

If you thought "well obviously," sorry I wasn't so quick on the uptake as you.

...the power of marketing! :)

Link | Posted on Dec 6, 2016 at 10:06 UTC
On article Lensrentals tears down the Nikon 105mm F1.4 (157 comments in total)

A very interesting and well-done blog post.

I like better and old but practical design, than a newer, less repairable one.

My bet is on the marketing department knowing next to anything and just blowing his own trumpet.

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WillWeaverRVA: "The 64GB version will set you back approximately $435 while the 128GB requires an investment of $480."

I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy the 64GB version...

There it is: iphone 7 32GB was slower than the 64 and 128GB versions (39.6, 200.6 and 308MB/s respectively).

A real-life test however showed that a copy of a 5' 4K video took about a minute on both 32GB and 64GB variants (52" and 1' respectively), and just 17" on the 128GB model.

Link | Posted on Dec 1, 2016 at 01:40 UTC
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