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BarnET: This is just a very competitive market. hard to pick one over the other.
The recommended Sony A6000 probably has the best value/features of the bunch. But it's kit-lens doesn't live up to the same standards.

The Fujifilm has the best image quality with it's amazing kit-lens. But the video that comes out of it is garbage.

The em10 and gx7 are great camera's with great lens systems but lag behind in the high ISO department.

All of these will deliver in their own way.

A disadvantage of em10 and gx7 is the smaller sensor so they have (given the same technology) a worse high iso performance. An advantage of the em10 and gx7 is the smaller sensor! So the whole sistem is smaller, both body and lenses.
It depends on your needs...

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Michiel953: Who is really interested in ISO's higher than 6400? I'm not. The A7s appears to be no more than a hype.

I'd say that I want higher clean ISO anytime I need a faster shutter speed in a not so bright enviroment... I don't really like the flash much...

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JohnMatrix: Anyone knows what happens to the f stop when you attach the tele-converter? Presumably you don't get something for free? thx

I've read that the aperture is not affected. The price for this is the increased dimensions.
Correct me if i'm wrong

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BobORama: All they need to do is put a sensor in it ( and a KAF mount on the front ) and you have a product I'd buy. I would love for someone to create an easily integrated imaging system - free of legacy SLR design constraints - that you could use for projects, research, machine vision. Either that or a standard, robust way to expose the control surface of the tyoical camera via USB or WiFi in a way that makes it easy to integrate with mobile devices, or whatever. None of this is hard to do. But Japan seems stuck in the 1970's regarding what a camera is, and what we are supposed to be doing with it.

i guess putting a sensor inside would shift the price way higher...

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MrIchiro: does this work with Tamron and Nikkor lenses?


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Gothmoth: at least it will not cost an arm and a leg like canon latest cameras and lenses.....

that would be more than d7000!

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