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Sounds like the "Kodalith Ortho" I used "acres" of when I was in the printing business: extreme contrast, orthochromatic (Blue + some green sensitivity) & yes, I used pretty bright red safelights - you could read a newspaper in my darkroom.

Oh! And the "Lith" (needed for the extreme contrast) developer was full of "Paraformaldehyde" as a preservative, which broke down to formaldehyde and smelled awful !

Negatives were the full size of the printed page, so we used a LOT of film.

Most film manufacturers made "Lith" films, but Kodak's was by far the best: much better contrast.

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On photo DSCF0696 in the Fujifilm Camera - Specific Equipment Challenge challenge (1 comment in total)

Great !!

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On photo Indigo Flower-7112 in the indigo challenge challenge (7 comments in total)


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On photo Mushroom in the Wild Mushrooms challenge (1 comment in total)

Lovely photo & that little Minolta is still doing very well.

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Very interesting photos.

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On photo C-141B Lockheed Starlifter-8683 in the Ground Level challenge (2 comments in total)

That's where you take another exposure looking up a bit & stitch the shots together.

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Stitch a couple of shots & save the price of an anamorphic lens.

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Not very portable - I recall a guy did that with a VW Van - much more portable and so, a more useful Pinhole camera.

But still a silly stunt.

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Well, isn't that "Special".

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On photo One last breath... in the -One Last Breath- (no BW please) challenge (1 comment in total)

Not the Grand Canyon - BRYCE Canyon.

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Had a number of Leica cameras, with several different Leica and Canon lenses. And later Olympus, Fujinon & Tokina lenses.

Best 50mm lens I ever had - no contest - was a Schneider-Kreuznach ƒ3.5 , a permanent part of a pre-war Kodak Retina 2A folding pocket camera.

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entoman: A screw, in place of the famous red dot? OMG!

..... and for ONLY 8,000 bucks !

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On photo Cessna 180 as seaplane in the Seaplanes challenge (2 comments in total)

Good one, Jahn !!


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On photo On the summit in the Wide Open Challenge/Describe what you did challenge (2 comments in total)

Lovely shot, Jahn !

-Erik, Art thread.

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Best laugh I've had all week!

"Camera bag" - it is to weep !

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Except for - possibly - extreme cold affecting lubricants, any brand superzoom is just as good, and a whole lot more portable.

In Africa where extreme cold is not a factor, this heavy thing is a positive disadvantage being so cumbersome.

And the "100% Crop" is an embarrassment.

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On article Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds (414 comments in total)

Sort of like what Casio was doing for years with their compact"ZR" series cameras - which also "go back in time" to start your videos a bit before you press the button so that you also get the"before the shot" action that ispired you to hit the button in the first place.

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I call it: "Grasping at straws".

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Brilliantly uninteresting.

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MrTaikitso: Pity, their cameras were built like a tank and very innovative and versatile. Thing is, the IQ didn't catch up with the Samsung's, Sony's and Panasonic compacts of the world.

On the contrary, I found that the ZR700 - even when it's 18x lens at full zoom was "digitally extended" to 36 to be sharper than a Panny ZS40 at it's full 40x optical zoom. See this post (no, not the Monkeys!, the post is in REPLY to the Monkey shot):

And it's realistic BS/HDR which also stacks images for unprecedented "stabilization-by-stacking" is superb. I have also a ZR800 & just bought a spare lens/sensor unit for either the 700, or 800, should they fail.

Curiously, I've never heard of dirt on a Casio sensor.

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