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Returning to photography as a hobby.
Previous cameras Zenit B, Canon AT1, Canon EOS630, Olympus Camedia C-750, Nikon D200.


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Photoman: I wish to pay in rubles I bought LOTS of cheap rubles
when the CCCP collapsed :)

Wasn't it also illegal to take them out the country?

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On article Adobe releases Photoshop for Windows ARM64 devices (142 comments in total)
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alexgannis: Let me know when they bring back the right to own it "Photoshop", then I might be interested.

Or, probably, any other software.

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Photodog2: Would there be a reason to buy this for still photography instead of other monopods? I'm a monopod fan although unlike Jordan I have not met my life defining moment monopod yet, but I don't do video just stills.

I'm also interested as it's a much cheaper option than the Gitzo GM4552L I've been considering (and has clips rather than twist locks to adjust height). I can't see from the website if it comes with a regular foot and spike as well as the adjustable feet though.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm XF 70-300mm F4-5.6 LM WR sample gallery (DPReview TV) sample gallery (3 comments in total)

Greta Thunberg strikes a pensive pose ...

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goblin: My first Zenit, circa early eighties lasted forever, and was fully functional to the end. Throughout my student years it doubled as my hammer and it has hammered its share of (small) nails too.

I bought my second Zenit at a customs sales (auctions for stuff seized at the border), it was brand new, beautiful, and had the exposure lights (the luxury), and the same leather case with that beautiful Soviet smell of a cow quite not dead yet.
It was brand new, built in '92 or '93.

It lasted half a roll of film. The winding got stuck at frame 12, and it remained stuck even after I smashed the whole thing to bits months later. It was like the winding lever was welded.

My Zenit B lasted yearsssssssssssssssssssss!

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sirhawkeye64: As much as 2020 was a drag for many people, it did allow me to sort of refocus my photography, spend a bit more time in front of the computer (than I was previously while out shooting soo much) and really look back and my images and get an idea of where I'm headed as a photographer, and what i Need to do differently (or different things to try in the future) moving forward.

So while from a photograping/shooting standpoint the year wasn't all that great--since I really couldn't travel as much as I had wanted to / or the places I wanted to--I still think it was a productive year for me, looking back over the past few years of images (and in some cases, culling several times), re-editing some old images, or even working on images I never got around to editing, since most of the world was on lock down.

It also allowed me time to plan out events for the upcoming year for camera clubs that I'm a part of. Of course, this will still depend on the status of COVID moving forward.

I've finally found time to review some 10 years of images, process some from new and reprocess others. I think I'll need another few months! I've also had time to watch YouTube videos to improve my camera and processing techniques along the way. I just hope I can get out in coming months to take more photos ...

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What's next in 2021. You suggest locusts? I think you'll find that Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia had their fair share in 2020 so let's hope it's not locusts.

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junk1: Not my favorite company after today! They managed to fit a camera at the end of a catheter for looking at your bladder while they squirt saline into it. On hindsight I should have asked to see the camera and the video, but it was bad enough w/o extending the time.

At least they're M43. Full-frame would have been worse ... ;-)

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Timmi: Im one of those hit bz this crap...

And the cloud doesn't help... because you only get 20GB with Classic.

Thats the biggest issue with the Adobe Model. If you want and need classified's due to local backup you need to pay double the price compared to Cloud only.

I lost up to 500 photos from my holiday because when i was to syncing step by step due to the 20GB Limit the Update hit me.

This restriction on Classic just because you want to have everything local is the real unfair part from Adobe.


Sadly, I think you lost them because you deleted them from your camera card before you'd backed them up.

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I couldn't afford the AE-1 and had to settle for the manual AT-1. At least it was as step up from my Zenit B. It did sterling service until I managed to get it full of volcanic dust in Indonesia. I had it cleaned out but it was never the same. :(

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Not only doubling the time and space importing images into LR via the Camera Roll but no way to identify which are the imported files on the Camera Roll so they can be deleted later (ie when mixed up with existing photos on the Camera Roll etc).

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adegroot: For how much did it finally sell? The listing is gone by now.

US $466.00 - not to me!

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On article Nikon teases mirrorless with video and microsite (1248 comments in total)
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stevevp: Well that was 1m 28s of my life wasted ...


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On article Nikon teases mirrorless with video and microsite (1248 comments in total)

Well that was 1m 28s of my life wasted ...

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Manzur Fahim: The update is kinda strange for me. I updated to LR 7.3, and now I have the dehaze control just below clarity, but I do not have the camera profiles up top. It is still at the bottom and it does not have Adobe color etc. Just the same old adobe standard and others. No grid options to view either. Uninstalled and installed again but no luck. No preset conversion is happening either. Tone curve panel changed to a bigger one, but no luck with profiles.

It doesn't look as though you are running the (subscription version) Lightroom Classic CC which you need to get the profiles.

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(unknown member): Topaz Re-mask can do in 1 minute and you don't have to master it.

The reviews on the Topaz site aren't quite so rosy ...

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Jacques Cornell: I use and like Duet ( No special hardware needed, no wireless glitches. Just connect the iPad to the Mac with a standard Lightning cord for a smooth, stable connection. Also keeps the iPad's battery charged. $20.

Many thanks. $20 sound better than $69! I can live without a wireless connection.

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Jacques Cornell: I use and like Duet ( No special hardware needed, no wireless glitches. Just connect the iPad to the Mac with a standard Lightning cord for a smooth, stable connection. Also keeps the iPad's battery charged. $20.

Is Duet just an app on the iPad or software on the Mac as well?

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