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Very happy with the update so far. Camera is virtually silent now, the IBIS support for other lenses during video is great too. I haven't been able to reproduce any of the "rattlesnaking" others are talking about with my 45 1.8. Plus shouldn't you be shooting video in aperture priority or manual anyway :-P

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MDwebpro: Saw McNally and David Hobby on the Flash Bus Tour, in DC. Joe was a howl and told some amazing stories, but Hobby's talk and demo was more accessible to the average shooter.
Taken together, I learned more about location lighting that day than I have since college. If they do another tour, I would strongly recommend seeing them.

I agree with everything you said. Seeing both of them together (and for so cheap) was amazing but Hobby had so much more to offer for the beginner. McNally was full of knowledge but really, how many people in the audience could actually afford to use 10 SB900's?

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