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SkynetTX: Serious photographers will never use their phones for important shots because of the Low Image Quality. Pixel 2 is probably good for a smartphone but will never come close to a DSLR due to the Sensor Size. It does not matter how good your upscaling or other post processing method is: missing details can not be processed. An APS-C sensor has more than 21x larger sensor than a phone. Even a point and shoot camera is more than 3x larger. Smartphones are good if image quality doesn't matter or in case of emergency when a great subject appears and you don't have your DSLR with you.

Probably good for a smartphone? Probably amazing for a smartphone might be more accurate.

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On article Apple iPhone X review (379 comments in total)
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fotogrofur: My thoughts on having the iphone X for 3 months:
This review is pretty much spot on
I love the screen, its size and beautiful display
Love face ID. Always had problems with touch ID so never used it
I don't care about wireless charging so I would rather have a stronger back
I always shoot Raw and really it's not too much better than my 6s (but that's okay)
No scratches on my screen (never use a shield, I always use a case)
I have the white and the chrome band scratches like a MF (even in a case)
If i didn't get the X I would still be more than happy with the 6s on up. And I'm loving the Pixel2 images posted on the DPR review.

I'm getting ready to upgrade my battery-tired iPh 5. Just deciding whether I'd enjoy 3 cheap xiaomi phones across 4 years, or one pixel2. But your 6s comparison was helpful - I'm always struck by how the image comparison tools make the year-to-year IQ differences look slight, while the written reviews make them sound enormous.

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Juksu: I just checked out this Photographers Instagram pics... Snapshots of cats, ducks, a single leaf on a tree.... It is a parade of photos that should have been galled out after a boring Sunday afternoon shoot of "Think I'll bring along a camera when I walk the dog"

There are so many things wrong in this 'review' -- most of all the idea that 'you' should get this lens and somehow it magically makes the duck or the cat stuck right in the center of picture a great photo! What I see is a photographer who should maybe instead stick to the kit lens, and learn composition first

Can't argue with your reasoning, Juksu, about the framing of the article, but just stopping by to say I really liked that cat picture, am shopping for a new smartphone, struck that this type of photo is in another league - all newbie observations, of course, which sort of supports your thoughts that an article like this would be better framed as a "Love this new long lens stuff" sort of thing.

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B-rad: People should take note from this greedy company. If they can't sell you an over priced dslr or lens they give you options like this. I think their older p&s offerings were better than this overpriced garbage. If no one buys this or returns one if they bought one they WILL get the hint.

I think you are taking it too personally, Brad.

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Shiranai: Who cares about iPhone X or Google Pixel? Only people who need a status symbol to upvalue their self-confidence.

It will probably be the same expensive like last years Pixel, which started at a whopping 860 Euros here in Europe.
Who pays almost a grand for a cameraphone that you probably replace within 2 years? Especially when you can have the best cameraphone 2017 according to TIPA and EISA (Huawei P10) for half of the price and probably even less on christmas.

Half price, brilliant, sign me up! Pixel (1) currently £400 at CPW.

Unfortunately P10 not £200, in fact is currently £425 on giffgaff.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon IXUS 50 / SD400 Digital ELPH (70 comments in total)
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merijn_s: The Ixus 70 / sd1000 was the real looker with its black/silver housing being the perfect reminiscence of the original analog Ixus Aps camera.


I myself jumped on board when the Ixus 80 / sd1100 is came out. The stabilizer was the one thing missing from the ixus 70 and ofcourse the ixus 80 was availible in BROWN!

Bought it the day it came out in brown


I agree, the 70 was the one.

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wabre: What is it with comparison of absolutely everything with the iphone? just because it's one of the most sold phones doesn't make it the best. so would be a Nokia 3310. I absolutely do NOT care about iphones - never did and never will. So I would assume you compare this very capable Xiaomi to a Pixel, S8, G6 etc. That's the playground. And it doesn't matter if Xiaomi wants to sell a copycat, it's still not an iphone but an Android phone.

If it is one of the most sold phones then it's a good benchmark in so far as a benchmark is best if it is on a bench we have access to.

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mr.izo: same sensor in all this phones..

Processing may be the only diff, but it's a biggie - I'm reminded of that problem the pixel had with purple glare or something, and they said they'd put out a patch for it, and now everyone RAVES about that phone's camera. Software and the processing power is crucial in this mix, I think.

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nokinonacynos: Is this a soccer game or 100m race? The DxO rating is a joke. To treat it like some sort of absolute score like a sporting match shows the ignorance of the author. But hey it's great clickbait.


Or, just quite good fun, not serious, no need to shoot the messenger, I reckon.

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(unknown member): How can a "Some-sung" be better from a Sony, when the same time uses imx sensors?
And who cares what dxo says?

Same imx but verything else different, I suppose.

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RedFox88: Do for a second time they are using a canon patent for dual pixel sensor , which happened right when Canon greatly increased their dslr DR on their sensors.

This thread only for you patent attorneys, Red?

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George1958: A phone camera is not a good enough reason in its self to buy this handset. If you are in the market for a new phone then maybe.

Handset! Good work.

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BigBen08: Same camera as the S7 ?
That's ok, I'll wait for the S9.

Same specs doesn't mean same camera.

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Gary3635: Should have gotten 2,000 days in jail and a $7 fine.

The judge might go for that, if you offer to fund it.

Link | Posted on Jan 26, 2017 at 03:26 UTC

Lot of advocates for heavy jail time here. The US already locks up more people per capita than anywhere bar Iran, iirc, and is currently too economically poor to increase the number of jail places any further. It would require Scandinavian level taxes, which US voters wouldn't go for, even to lock up these camera upstarts.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10/LX15 Review (407 comments in total)

They should've found a name that works everywhere, that hasn't been used or just jumped back to LX1.

I mean calling it LX10 / LX15 is worse than going for LX Potato.

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (470 comments in total)
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luka3rd: I just get that disgusting feeling when I see that someone sends the camera back for so stupid reasons... And then someone will buy it as "open box", or whatever...
Just because: "my mama said it wouldn't fit in her purse"!!!
Spoiled American consumers...

Disgusted by a generous returns policy or is it the older female thing? Most of us have returned unwanted items at some point, surely?

Link | Posted on Mar 7, 2016 at 15:28 UTC

I don't care about the cameras, I just think the sensible descriptive naming is BRILLIANT!

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role_of_72: "Image stabilization: Unknown"


I hope it has one...

Pro and expert opinions are the ones I like to read.

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rgump12: listen to yourselves! (you know who you are). I guess that All of you new digital photographers could only be doing this Today as opposed to a few years ago when to be a photographer meant that you were going to be walking through your life with a camera on your shoulder (or two or three) that had some weight to it. You wouldn't have been whining constantly about how compact you need it to be, how light and small and retro Looking, how cute.
Solid meant well built, quality, long lasting, shaper images because less camera shake. All I hear about today are all these things that are so unessential to making good photographs. And yes, I know.. I must be an idiot for even writing this here. ha. There should be an entire big chunk of the internet devoted to whining and sniveling about whether the new $700 plastic camera weighs 300 grams or alot more at 340 grams and whether it is a good choice for hiking or more suited to walking, or perhaps just perfect to have if you are on a bicycle

heh all valid points well made, it's very much all relative. I used to think of my old pentax s1 as lightweight and discreet with a snub-nose prime on it. Beats one of those big box cams, and that in turn beats an easil and paints, which is much smaller than a cave wall and whatever the cavemen painted with. But I must say, cycling, I can use my ultra-small ixus in the back pocket of my nylon cycling shirt, but the slightly heavier older model was just too heavy, pulled the shirt out out shape.

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