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I have to say, my feelings about Nikon are always rather mixed.

We don't do repairs, we just send them to the relevant repairer and charge a handling fee on top of the basic repair cost in exchange for shipping and shouting at the manufacturer to get things done.

Sometimes Nikon amaze me with their goodwill gestures - fixing cameras under warranty that were obviously accidental damage, because the customer is some old dear that didn't realise pulling the battery door off was bad for the camera. Repairing a camera that's outside of warranty by a few weeks (believe me, the other manufacturers are never this nice), or chucking in new eyecups or screen covers without charging extra.

Other times, they drive me to despair - taking forever to fix simple things, giving rubbish excuses, supplying horribly vague estimates... I think I'm chasing three different repairs at the moment, and have three angry customers.

Certainly a mixed bag.

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nakeddork: The x10 is a great camera, it's just out of some people's league.

To fully utilize the x10's advanced features one has to have a firm foundation in photography.

I definitelly don't recommend this camera for people learning. Get an entry level DSLR instead.

The x10 is a point-n-shoot best suited for the advanced photographer or person with a lot of disposable income that uses the auto exr modes.

I've stayed out of the whole X10 debate until now (had fun lurking in my breaks, though), but this is just the dumbest thing. My position on the thing has always been that it isn't defective, it's substandard. It works as a camera, it isn't going to get worse with time, and it's good enough for some peopl, but at the same time it fails to meet certain reasonable expectations. End of the day, I won't be rushing out to get one, but orbs aren't the only reason. But seriously, saying that people dislike the camera because it's OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE? Sorry, but this camera isn't anything special. Maybe that argument would hold in a discussion about Leicas or something else in that price bracket and that specialised, but not for a premium compact. Simple fact is, even if it is good enough for you, it's not good enough for a bunch of other folks. "Out of your league" is some serious hipster trash.

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