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I must admit I strongly question the pricing point claimed. I doubt the authors conclusions on this. I have speced out a bunch of PC/Mac comparisons and never have I been able to get a cheaper price point with the PC equivalent. With Dell once you spec out a machine with the equivalent ports, hard drive and high power RAM you end up with a equivalent priced or more expensive machine than the Mac. Add in the elegance of the OS and complete package of integrated programs and there really is no comparison. PCs are ugly, inelegant plastic boxes. Lets face it windoz has always played catchup and copycat to Mac OS which is not prone to security issues and bugginess as microsoft is. My only give on this would be the sad demise of Aperture which was a silly corporate decision of Apples. As a photographer though I think you're daft to be using a laptop….a desktop is surely the only way to see pro results from your images and expensive gear.

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Good for Sony! Hoping this is the kick in the pants Nikon/Cannon need to develop their own mirrorless systems. Having lived in Japan I understand the quirky looks of the camera, my word is this rig ugly..1970 here we come. What is with the inability of camera companies to not be able to design an add-on battery grip that doesn't make the body battery bay unusable? Bazaar but looking how clunky and retro this thing looks I am not surprised. "This is Japan!…some things don't make sense to us either"..hahahah

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As a die hard Aperture user in denial and owner of C1v8 and v9 I really really desperately want to love C1.....but I don't. I really hate to say it but C1 despite being much more powerful and better than Aperture just does not have the flow nor the intuitiveness and better looking layout as Aperture does. I am desperate, as many in my camp are, to find a replacement for dead as a dodo Aperture but I completely struggle with C1. Where is the...? How come its like that...? etc. etc. the visual simplicity that Apple created with the layout in Aperture and easy flow of work in editing tools and use especially over bulk processing images simply makes C1 cumbersome and a chore. I really want to love C1 but so far with v8 and 9 it has not won my heart. And then this nickel and dime v10 on the heels v9...come on thats ridiculous. This isn't Adobe people...bad move Phase 1 that should be a free upgrade not 100$ not a year from the prior version. Makes customers feel like being had

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Well thats not very good of Nikon. They should have figured it out well before release. The way I look at the financial hit is that I won't buy another DSLR for at least 4 years so divide what ever cost it ends up by four. My smart phone runs over $1200 US a year with basic service so if the camera is anywhere near that I figure its a bit hypocritical to consider it outrageously priced. Yet still my mind returns to yesteryear when a $2000 camera meant a Hasselblad with the finest lenses. Doesn't even get the body nowadays.

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I have found the 900 a bear to figure out. Designed by a japanese engineer who never has to use the thing, at least it seems like it. For such a good company producing such sophisticated products they sure know how to botch it on their top of the line models. I only hope this new one works better. I wish they would take a look at the intuitiveness of Apple products to better design their cameras and accessories. Why is it that every Nikon photographer I have known ends up watching privately posted instructional Youtube videos a dozen times to try and figure out their Nikon goodies? Come on Nikon, come out of the engineering closet into the sunshine of everyday life.

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