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Well thats not very good of Nikon. They should have figured it out well before release. The way I look at the financial hit is that I won't buy another DSLR for at least 4 years so divide what ever cost it ends up by four. My smart phone runs over $1200 US a year with basic service so if the camera is anywhere near that I figure its a bit hypocritical to consider it outrageously priced. Yet still my mind returns to yesteryear when a $2000 camera meant a Hasselblad with the finest lenses. Doesn't even get the body nowadays.

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On article Nikon announces SB-910 high-end Speedlight (118 comments in total)

I have found the 900 a bear to figure out. Designed by a japanese engineer who never has to use the thing, at least it seems like it. For such a good company producing such sophisticated products they sure know how to botch it on their top of the line models. I only hope this new one works better. I wish they would take a look at the intuitiveness of Apple products to better design their cameras and accessories. Why is it that every Nikon photographer I have known ends up watching privately posted instructional Youtube videos a dozen times to try and figure out their Nikon goodies? Come on Nikon, come out of the engineering closet into the sunshine of everyday life.

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