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TerryV81: I'm a Sony shooter but no articulated screen and the Ibis that still sucks... It's just sad now.

It has potential but no DCI 4K recording is a deal breaker for me.

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avatar77: This is merely an ALJ's recommended decision. It's a recommendation to the ITC. The Commission can choose to rule otherwise, and DJI can appeal the decision all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. In other words, this is far from the last word and the most likely outcome is DJI appealing the ITC decision (should the commission adopt the ALJ's recommended decision) and playing out the process all while continuing to sell their products.

If DJI loses years later after exhausting the appeals process, it won't matter because the decision will at that point be for then-obsolete goods and they are likely by then to have designed around the patents in question or have had them invalidated at the USPTO.

The court system is slow. This is, BTW, how National Semiconductor got started.. they stole the design of the transistor, mass produced it, got sued by the inventor, and the case went through the courts for 8 years. Finally, the courts found in the inventor's favor, awarding him a few hundred thousand. Meanwhile NS made tens of millions.

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I'm just waiting for DaVinci Resolve to support all the file formats we use and multiple monitors for full screen output and I'm done with Adobe for good.

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On article Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review (362 comments in total)

People in the RED user forum were raving about this lens as repackaged as "G.L Optics 18-35mm T2.0 Rehoused Super Speed Zoom Lens".. physically, it looked impressive, but these shots have horrible amounts of CA and geometric distortion. Only the corrected shots look close in quality to those of my Sony 28-135 G lens, which is, for intents and purposes, perfect in terms of image quality. I just need a lens to fill the wider end of the spectrum, which there's an unfilled gap. So I heard about this lens and luckily, this review told me everything I need to know.. as a 4K shooter, I must look elsewhere. This lens gives you what you pay for, but not magically more than that.

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