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Don't know much about Canon, but Nikon has at least 4 basic generations of F-mount lenses to support with their digital cameras:
AI - Manual Focus, Aperture Ring, Mechanically Controlled Aperture
AF(-D) - Screw Drive AF, Aperture Ring, Mechanically Controlled Aperture
G - AFS, No Aperture Ring, Mechanically Controlled Aperture
E - AFS, No Aperture Ring, Electronically Controlled Aperture
(or something like the above anyways).
There are a lot of these F-mount lenses, many of which are still excellent performers and still for sale today despite their age.

Nikon risks alienating many of their Nikon loyal if they do a mount/adapter combination that excludes the use of many of these non-G and non-E lenses.

Thus I suggest they should make a mirrorless full frame with a short mount distance along with immediately available excellent mechanical/electrical adapters to allow use of all that legacy glass. Being able to mount M-mount lenses (via adapter) would be a huge plus.

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I suspect the GoPro DID NOT save his life, as just about any high velocity round would go directly through a GoPro and still kill the person on the other side. Though hard to tell from the video, this was likely a very near miss that just took out the GoPro.

Scary nonetheless.

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On article Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range (669 comments in total)
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bilcobarnes21: Am I the only one getting a little tired of DP Reviews obsession with the A9 and Sony in general?
It makes me wonder what involvemt Sony have with DPR 🤔

That's just plain silly. Sony is putting out some very innovative products and DPR is doing a good job reviewing them. If Nikon or Canon did the same DPR would have the same kind of coverage.

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On article Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range (669 comments in total)

As expected - no free lunch! Wait for the A9R (or A7RIII) if you want the best DR at low ISO. Still an amazing camera.

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For extended tripod use this, though a little pricey, is a great thing.
Maybe wait to grab a used one or when the prices settles down a bit after they are actually available to buy (currently pre-order only).

- J

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Ivan Paganacci: He showed up to dinner without the camera, the date looked at him with disinterest and the evening went downhill from there. Later, he would realize that sometimes it's all about the camera, not the photographer.

Perhaps the lens attached to the camera wasn't big enough . . . always my problem!

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I don't think plunging it into Saturn to burn up is adequately described as "putting it out to pasture." Putting it out to pasture would be more like sending it off into deep space or a very large orbit that can't decay to hit a moon in a million years (both of which they can't do because that would take too much fuel). It's more accurately described as being like "sending it to the rendering plant", though that image is far less delicate.

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Wow, that's actually very useful!
Even though I don't do video, but sometimes I need to have the camera on a tripod for several hours and it would be great to be able to hook this up so I don't need to change batteries, which go quite quickly with continual use, especially in tethered mode.

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Seems like the tone of the last few corporate-wide moves is to not be status quo. Hopefully this marks the beginning of a much more proactive Nikon and hopefully a much more innovative Nikon.

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Now that was fun and informative to watch!

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Looks like the beginning of the end and my Pany G85 and PL lenses will have to keep going for a long long time then. Too bad as I really liked the Pany camera externals and UI.
Lets hope for the best. This could make m43 be not quite as stable with just one camera manufacturer supporting it.

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On article Atomos introduces Ninja Inferno off-camera recorder (62 comments in total)

When is the Ninja Flame price reduction going to actually hit the market? So far I've seen the old prices still in effect . . .

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On article Atomos introduces Ninja Inferno off-camera recorder (62 comments in total)

I use an Atomos Ninja2 to remotely record video from my GH3 over HDMI when it's placed in an hazardous location during experiments in various labs that I've been in. If the camera gets taken out the video is just fine on the Atomos. Very interested in upgrading to the bigger, higher resolution screen than my Ninja2. Price doesn't seem too steep for the upgraded capabilities.

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On article Atomos introduces Ninja Inferno off-camera recorder (62 comments in total)
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olsenn: Can someone tell me if this would be useful for a stills (only) photographer? Mostly I am interested in this to help me focus (w/ peaking) with my manual-focus Zeiss 135mm ZF.2 on my Nikon D810. However, having a large and bright screen to use in lieu of the small display built-in to the camera sounds useful in general.

As for alternatives, I do not need the recorder capabilities, just the display. However, if I do get a monitor, I want it to be high brightness and wide color gamut... preferably HDR, and it MUST have excellent focus-peaking etc features.

Get a tablet and one of the several tethered shooting apps and you are good to go. I use Helicon Remote with my D800 (should work with D810) when on a tripod so I can change camera settings, zoom in to 100% to check focus, and trip the shutter.

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The LX-3 was a great camera. Eventually bought the LX-5, LX-7, and now the LX-100.
These cameras from Panasonic were great - compact, feature-rich, and good-enough IQ (noise and sharpness) for the camera size. True multi-aspect sensor was fantastic as well (too bad the LX-100 doesn't completely go that route . . .).

Looking forward to the LX-200.

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Iloveaircraftnoise: People need apps to remind them when the sun sets and where the milky way shines?

This really is a sad indictment on humans in the digital age.

Why, yes they do if you are a photographer.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

How many people do they have left? Seems like they had too many people for the number of products that they offered. Now it seems they don't.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (394 comments in total)

Hmmm . . . my 13 yo daughter is currently using her first film camera - a 1952 Kodak Retina IIa with some Tmax400 . . .

My first real film camera was a N70, followed closely by a F3HP.

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jhinkey: How many full time staff photographers does the PI employ?

That's what I was thinking too . . . these are the only two staff photographers and I bet the pay ain't that great . . .

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How many full time staff photographers does the PI employ?

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