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Digimat: i know this is totaly up to personal taste, but the loxia lenses look sexy, clean, an mechanical simple. just as it should be. thoose bulbous batis ones though...uagh.

Love the dust/moisture resistance, no AF motor, solid build, etc. of the Loxias. I just hope this one is excellent wide open optically. Only the 35/2 Loxia is really not very good and I hope Zeiss makes the 85/2.4 excellent across the frame right from wide open.

Now with the most excellent Sony A7 series AF is not a necessity anymore and more and more people are finding out that they can in fact use a MF lens. Plus the design compromises that come with AF lenses can be cast away to focus more on optical excellence.

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EvilTed: Sony, can you please fix the single-threaded file writing routine SO THAT IT DOESN'T LOCK EVERYTHING UP.

I learned to write multi-threaded software correctly 20 years ago.
I guess this has been lost to the JavaScript masses :(

That assumes the processor & IO system can indeed handle multiple threads . . .

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HowaboutRAW: "Improved stability in picture shooting mode (by optimizing temperature control)"--didn't know firmware could make the body bigger for a bigger heat sink, sarc.

So, like they now turn off the rear LCD lamp during long exposures to save battery and lower temperatures . . . I suspect not.

Also, will the lens focal length I enter into the IBIS menu now show up in EXIF . . . . likely not.

It's like no one at Sony actually USES their cameras so that they can identify easily fixable issues that drive some of us crazy.

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Turbguy1: Neat! What's the frame rate? Based on the exhaust plume internal details and ground dust movement, it's really fast.

And I always question: "Why test horizontally when a rocket is used vertically (most of the time)?

For a simple solid rocket motor like this it doesn't make that much difference if you test it horizontally vs. vertically (other rocket types clearly need to be vertical or at least be oriented correctly to the acceleration vector due to liquid propellants, tank dynamics, etc.). Also there's all sorts of other compromises testing at sea level brings besides the effects horizontal vs. vertical.
And JordanAT is totally correct - way way way easier to strap this thing to the ground than try to build a tower that can hold on to something producing ~3M lbf of thrust each . . .

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Amazing how many people really don't understand how Kickstarter works. You are an investor if you participate financially in such endeavors with all the attendant risks and rewards. Just like other investments you should do your research first before committing funds to such things.

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On article Samyang introduces full-frame 20mm F1.8 ED AS UMC (159 comments in total)
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jhinkey: No CPU chip for FE mount? Come on Samyang . . .

"Favorable Exponynt
What do you need a chip for? Aren't you a photographer?"

Yes a photographer who likes to be able to make the most of his time and having EXIF and automatically input focal length to IBIS saves me time.

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On article Samyang introduces full-frame 20mm F1.8 ED AS UMC (159 comments in total)
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jhinkey: No CPU chip for FE mount? Come on Samyang . . .

Sorry, Sony E mount, but it doesn't contain a CPU by any of the images that I've been able to find.

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On article Samyang introduces full-frame 20mm F1.8 ED AS UMC (159 comments in total)

No CPU chip for FE mount? Come on Samyang . . .

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falconeyes: I wonder if US citizens are aware of how ridiculous their legal system now looks to other parts of the world?

In my mother tongue, the idea of a "state of justice" is so important that the corresponding term "Rechtsstaat" became a part of other languages too (cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rechtsstaat ).

It is a corner stone of democracy and it is quite obviously (to people living abroad at least) broken in the US.

Especially in our times of competing civilizations (West vs. Arabic vs. East), the broken legal system of the US causes tremenduous damage to all of us.

falconeyes - What does your comment have to do at all with the topic at hand?

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If she wins the case (either through a court case or a settlement) she will likely not get anything near that. If the story as presented is indeed true then the fine that Getty pays needs to sting enough to dissuade this type of behavior.

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sh10453: This is what happens to a company when it puts an incompetent, incapable person, and stupidly overpaid at the top to lead it.
A couple of years ago or so, Microsoft offered $44 BILLION to buy yahoo, and back in the early 2000's Yahoo was worth $125 Billion.
Marissa Mayer won't be there for long, but she'll jump with a $quarter Billion parachute!
Her reign has brought nothing but disasters to Yahoo and its shareholders.

I think Yahoo's board of directors should be sent to prison over all their blunders over the years, if there was any justice out there!

Smart move by Verizon, though. Plenty of data and good sections within Yahoo (Flickr, Tumblr, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Internet, Yahoo Mobile, ...).

They just need better management.

Yahoo was well on the decline before she signed up with them. Her job was to resurrect the company and she failed. Happens all the time. Just too bad she gets paid as much as she did for the outcome that happened.

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JKAndersson: Where are all the photographers?

The DPR text did mention robots . . .

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TTLstalker: Don't understand the need for such a fast wide angle lens. Could have just given me a 12mm F2.8 with excellent performance at a much cheaper price.

Well, m43 sensors need all the light they can get and all the low DOF they can get - someone willing to shell out this amount of $$ for a lens would expect.

Link | Posted on Jun 16, 2016 at 18:03 UTC

Looks great. If it's anything like the 42.5/1.2 PL then I'll likely get one at some point when the price is a bit lower.
Still looking for a 20/1.2 PL from Pany - now that would be a killer lineup:

those along with the most excellent 75/1.8 Oly and it's a killer combo for us m43 users. Small and light - not so much, but the fast AF and excellent across the frame sharpness of these lenses (assuming a hypothetical 20/1.2 would be equally sharp) is awesome to work with.

Yes, m43 is not as clean as APS-C or FF, but it's more than good enough for much of what I like to do and the AF reliability for me has been fantastic compared to my D800 & AF Nikkors.

Not for everyone for sure, but for those that can use these types of lenses they are great stuff.

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Mac McCreery: I love these little cameras. I might be tempted one day when the battery life is improved.

Don't let having to carry a couple of extra small batteries dissuade you from grabbing one of these excellent cameras.

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jhinkey: Hyped as the fastest 35mm full-frame lens and only one of the photos above is shot wide open?

Let's see the coma for night shots with some point light sources in the frame or some star shots . . . . .

I take that back - it looks like a lot of the images are shot wide open or near it judging from the amount of blur in the background - any exif data on these shots?

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Hyped as the fastest 35mm full-frame lens and only one of the photos above is shot wide open?

Let's see the coma for night shots with some point light sources in the frame or some star shots . . . . .

Link | Posted on Jun 14, 2016 at 14:51 UTC as 8th comment | 2 replies

Excellent! Thanks for posting this.

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Sugarsnapphotos: Hopefully this news will bring down prices for used Leica lenses on ebay.

In about 50 years . . . then you won't necessarily care.

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It's not the drones that can be dangerous and harmful, but rather the drone operators that can be dangerous and harmful when they do stupid things.

Nice creativity though combining new and shiny tech with old analogue tech.

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