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Nice effort, but the flashes should not be visible in the shot - photoshop them out?

Seems like you need to take a second effort at this with the flashes hidden or make some custom flashes that are much smaller (like LED-based high speed flashes) - disconnect the flash heads from the body with a wire in between so that just the flash head itself needs to be hanging off the sail, or something like that. A flash slightly down in the hull pointing up at the sail or horizontally at her might have been a better option.

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Tom Caldwell: I also note with interest that the firmware support for this type of imaging must be still in relative infancy. Furthermore this type of capture must benefit the relatively smaller sensors over larger sensors. If it can be mastered properly it should give the (say) 4/3 sensor a leg up in quality imaging that the larger sensors by a procedure that they may have trouble in following due to the initial larger files created and the huge level of processing necessary to process them into a file of almost unimaginable size.

Of course it could be reasonably said that a larger sensor does not need this process as much if at all. But all the 4/3 sensor has to do is match quality and then it becomes a very compelling alternative.

Pixel shifting for image resolution enhancement is different than pixel shifting for noise reduction. Except for noise and diffraction effects differences, a 20MP m43 sensor that does pixel shifting to obtain a higher resolution file is no different than a 20MP FX sensor that's doing the same thing assuming both taking the same FOV image (otherwise you can't make a direct comparison). Same amount of data to push around inside the camera, same relative resolution increase.

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I'm still hoping that Oly will release an updated 150/2 in native m43 mount as I find this focal length, paired with the awesome 75/1.8, to be the max for what I do with my m43 gear.

Glad to know that new high quality primes are still a priority for Pany.

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Weegee: I use my Nikon 180mm f/2.8........close enough to 200mm and at $ 395.00 a bargain. Yes, I need an adapter for my Olympus....that's another $ 50.00.

And it doesn't have autofocus, no electrical contacts, is not sharp wide open across the frame, and won't take advantage of a 20MP m43 sensor resolution capabilities. If that's your thing, then great, but if you want to take full advantage of the G9 and its sensor, then this very expensive 200/2.8 will be the cats meow.

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Triplet Perar: Nikon is expanding in India, though.
Unfortunately, unlike the Indian market which kept itself under some sort of lid, South American markets (Brasil including) were systematically ostracised, deregulated, economically destroyed by the USA and made into giant grey markets (IMF being one of culprits).

Not any of South America's current plight is their fault eh?

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maljo@inreach.com: Brazil is a big country, 200 million people. How can you write that off? If you are not selling cameras there you need a new sales force.

Yes, but how many of these people have the resources to buy Nikon gear?
My Sister does business in Brazil and she says it's a major pain . . . perhaps Nikon thinks similarly for the amount of profit (or loss . . ) that they are experiencing.

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tko: Sounds pretty reasonable to me. License the pros, who can afford it, make it better for the average folk.

If professionals and commercial entities have been causing problems or taking advantage of the town, then by all means. Hopefully it won't evolve into needing permission as a tourist to take images.
As a boss of mine once said "don't do things that make me have to make a new rule or policy - you all know better", so hopefully the commercial and tourist photographers/videographers behave themselves.

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Decreased operating costs - mostly likely the big layoffs they had a while back finally having an effect.

That's one strategy a company sometimes has to take: develop a new product, which can take years, get it into production, then layoff a lot of employees to trim back down, especially if the next new product won't be out for a while. Do they have a head count vs. quarter buried in there somewhere?

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An example of how one individual's actions can have drastic effects on many many more people in today's society. Laws, regulations, and punishments need revision with special attention paid to the "Law of Unintended Consequences".

Drones above a certain size, power (or whatever criteria) should only be sold (or re-sold) to registered users that have gone through procedures training, licensing, permitting, etc.

Let's not wait until an airliner is brought down by a drone (accidentally or intentionally) to enact rules, regulations, etc. to prevent this.

I have zero sympathy for those claiming over-regulation and possible stunting of this industry. An individual does not have the right to endanger others, invade privacy, cause chaos, etc. by flying these devices over our collective heads. It's a privilege at best and hence you need to earn that privilege. We've had several incidents here in Seattle that have shown the possible very real consequences of non-professional drone use.

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So, really (and I knew this before pre-ordering) the A7RIII was a body and features upgrade and slight sensor tweak. It's still all good for us photogs - we just need to decide if the body changes (and there are many) are worth the upgrade cost.

For me the answer was yes since I use IBIS and the EVF a lot.

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On article Sony developing a 400mm F2.8 G Master lens (134 comments in total)

I know why this needed to be f/2.8, but I was really hoping for a more portable f/4 version . . . perhaps in a few more years.

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I'll wait until they hit the used market.
In the mean time I'll smear some silicone grease on the front of a 85/2.4 Loxia and make due with that . . .

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All great as long as it's reliable for us poor photographers who will have 100MP+ FX sensors by then capable of 8K video and 60 FPS shutters with full 14bit RAW files.
As fast as they can develop bigger HDs we photographers/videographers can fill them up!

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To me, the video was all about how cool you'll look with it, not how well it will work in any way whatsoever.

If I want to look cool, then I'll just throw the $35 Mercury II CX 35 (that I bought today in fact) around my torso and forgo even loading it with film. The whir of the shutter and spinning knobs are more than enough to make me cool, even at 52 years of age.

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On article Nikon's official D850 lens recommendation list (309 comments in total)

Unfortunately there is a large number of D850 buyers who would happily go along with Nikon's list of recommended lenses and not think twice about it.

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It's not like this hasn't been going on since trash heaps were first appearing.
As a kid in the '70's we'd go to the trash/dump of the Provincial Park and watch families of bears come out every night to dig through the trash. Not really what you want bears to be doing, but it's been happening for a long time . . .

The real tragedy is that there is a landfill there at all.

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Hmmm . . . according to Nikon he's not a professional because he's using a Sony camera . . .

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davev8: will the f2 be optically better than my old Fujinon 55mmF1.8 on M42mount ? the fuji is optically better than my EF 50mm F1.4 at comparable F Stops with better Bokeh...i pay £9 for my fuji ...with a free SLR

TillmanB -
I would challenge the notion that spectacular (performing) vintage lenses can be had quite cheap. Yes there are many decent vintange lenses in this focal range, but many are not very good or they cost a ton of $$. The 40/2, if they kept the same optical formula, is a very very good lens and I'm not sure of an AF 40mm/2 lens for full frame that is this compact or likely this good optically.

The 40/1.2, if it's very very good wide open, will have little competition in size, weight, cost in E mount.

And having electronic connection to the camera give you:
- Lens profiles
- Automatic IBIS focal length recognition
- Focus magnification with a turn of the focusing ring

Those last 3 are not to be under-appreciated.

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For ~$1K the 40/1.2 better be really really good. 40mm is my sweet spot on FX.
Can't wait for the reviews to start popping out.

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Geekapoo: Yawn..no metrics for the claims of improved images quality and overall stability. =Sony hype until proven otherwise by rigorous methods. Catch Sony, catch the buzz..

Uh, that's pretty standard boilerplate language that all companies use with their FW announcements. Always vague and usually you can't tell that the camera has any better IQ or stability.

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